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by Alan Chapman - Sunday, 5 September 2021, 2:36 PM
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the beauty of the flaunch

I wrote this song about a year ago. Here are the words.

It attempts to explain some things - about life and death - that cannot be expressed in normal prose, and can be better conveyed in a song.

It's ultimately an optimistic hopeful song, that changes from dark to light, from hopelessness to hope.

'Flaunch' is an old word meaning originally 'slope to the top'. 

I first heard the word 'flaunch', which prompted or coincided with my writing of this song, when it was used by builders working on my house, referring to the sloped cement around the base of a chimney of a house where it meets the roof slates and/or flashings, to make a weatherproof join.

I liked the word, especially when I discovered its origins.

Life, it seems to me, is a series of 'slopes to the top'. They never end. They are the mountains we climb as challenges come along. Some of these challenges - mountains - are so big and difficult, at times when we are already on our knees, that we cannot imagine how we can carry on, or even want to carry one.

What seems to be certain to me, is that when we decide that we can no longer climb, then we begin to die.

It also seems to me that the beautiful terror of the climb to the top, is the essence of life, and how we grow to become peaceful, so that when we no longer want or have the strength to climb, then we are peaceful with our dying.

Beauty of the Flaunch (Don't Wanna Sleep) - Alan Chapman (Sep-Oct 2020)

I don't wanna sleep, miss my life, if I should die, in the night.

If it's my time, I'm peaceful alright.  Imagine I might, any day soon.

Cos I think, maybe I'm done.

I'm overwhelmed, I can't explain, I can't relate, to a world left behind.

Nowhere is home, except in my head.  Safe on my own, with a richness of simplicity.

And I think, maybe I'm not done.

Oh it seems, from this release, there's no return, ambivalence earned.

So it's odd, so very strange, is the point, is the pointless Beauty of the Flaunch. (The slope to the top)

So every day as it comes, eveything is done, inner perfect, happy hum.... mm mm mm mm.

It's my time, I'm peaceful alright.  Imagine a light, any day soon.

Cos I think, maybe it's begun Imagine a light, any day soon.

Cos I think, maybe it's begun. And I think....

It's begun.  It's begun.  It's begun.  It's begun.  It's begun.

I've uploaded the pdf songsheet with guitar chords (top of this page), although this doesn't show the melody or rhythm.

If I can sort my life out sufficiently in the next few years I'll make a proper recording of the song.

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