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by Alan Chapman - Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 8:12 AM
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Albert Schweitzer Inspiration

This is a truly fabulous new book (updated re-published) about the extraordinary humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), by Harold E Robles.

See this hugely helpful interview of author Robles by Chris Nelson. Sadly Harold Robles died 3 weeks after recording this interview:

Harold Roble's own life work is a story in its own right - and proof of the power of cascading amplification - of loving  humanitarian work, notably here in the spreading/teachings/applications of Dr Schweitzer's concept of Reverence for Life.

These principles of 'good ripples, become rivers and waves, become oceans' for transformational improvement, is universal.

We can all make good ripples, small or bigger :)  They join and grow, and move others to do same.

Albert Schweitzer's life story is a profound example of the power of sensitivity, disintegration, rebirth, music, nature, adapting to uncertainty and life-changing challenges, and so much more - all fundamentally relevant and useful for our modern world, and what we face as a human collective with other life on Earth.

This is a beautifully written and produced true story of human 'reframing' of unimaginable traumas, to human growth, to selfless love and helping others, and the teaching/inspiring of others to do likewise.

The book is very easy and quick to read, with beautiful photographs and supporting information. It's extremely accessible, especially for quite young children/schools too.

It is now enhanced and re-published for new audiences by the brilliant Maurice Bassett, who is also publisher of Bill Tillier/Dabrowski's Positive Disintegration books, various similarly profound Abraham Maslow books/media, and the work of many other deeply significant authors for our making of a new humanity and planet.

"I cannot but have reverence for all that is called life. That is the beginning and foundation of morality." (Albert Schweitzer)

Thanks Maurice, Harold, Albert's daughter Rhena Schweitzer Miller, and all others involved in creating and giving new life to, and through, this wonderful book.



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