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7 Project Management Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business

Managing a project correctly can often make or break a company’s reputation. Individual teams are assigned to their corresponding team leaders and the managerial staff above them often simply hopes for the best. However, several project management mistakes can truly harm a company, both financially and publicly.

Some of those mistakes can really cause downtime, a loss of morale and even a project’s failure. Though, the truth is that sometimes they can be really easy to avoid. If you wish to know more about the most predominant project management mistakes and `how to tackle them, keep on reading.


Benefits of proper project management

Proper management can have a large number of benefits for a business. First and foremost, successful team management can help you increase and improve your customers’ satisfaction. The more in sync you are with your team and the more you work together in order to improve your results and your services, the easier it will be for you to keep your customers happy.

On top of that, proper project management will help you be more flexible when it comes to dealing with problems and unexpected situations. You will be able to find the right opportunities you need to expand your business and help your team grow and evolve, the more you work together in unison.

In order to achieve these, you will have to be able to recognize and avoid certain mistakes. Here are some you should always keep an eye out for:


1.   Improper task delegation and lack of communication

The very first thing you should be doing is making sure every team member is assigned the correct task. Sometimes, even if someone has more experience in a field, there might be another member of your team who is more creative, interested or knowledgeable in a certain topic.

The best way to make sure you assign the right person the right task is by communicating with your team and giving them the chance to express whether they would prefer to take up a task or not. This way, everyone will be able to have the chance to work on a project they will enjoy, and this will help you increase your team’s productivity and success.


2.   Too much micromanagement and no trust between members

Trust is very important in every team. If you are the leader of a team, you will have to put your trust in their powers and not try and control them constantly.

Giving your team members some freedom, especially when it comes to their creativity can really help them perform better and have more trust in you and the team as a whole.


3.   Poor project planning and briefing

One of those mistakes you should definitely avoid is not putting enough time and effort into making sure your project is planned and will run smoothly. Sometimes, not planning or even explaining a project correctly to your team can really set you back and create big misunderstandings.


4.   No clear milestones and deliverable goals

Milestones and goals will always be helpful when it comes to keeping track of your team’s progress. They are the best way for you to know whether everything is running smoothly or not and how according to plan everything goes.

Goals will also be a great source of motivation for your team as they will know what they are working hard to achieve. Milestones are a great reminder of how simple everyday steps can bring the entire team a step closer to its final goal for a certain project.


5.   Lack-of, or poorly estimated resources

In order for a project to run successfully, you will need to have some resources available for your team to use without having to look for them at the very last minute. For example, one of the resources that are always needed for any smaller or bigger project is a good editing and proofreading tool.

Instead of looking for a good one while the project is almost done, you should make your team’s job a little easier and provide them with an easy-to-use tool such as Grammarly, Hemingway Editor or TrustMyPaper from the very beginning.

You should always make sure the resources you provide them with are good quality and easy for them to learn and use. Try gathering some tools and services you will potentially need for the project beforehand and you will be able to help it run a lot smoother along the way,


6.   Too much improvisation without following company procedure

When things start not going too well, improvisation is always needed and can be a great source of help in order to help you and your team get back on track. The truth is though that it can be too much of a good thing. Each company has a certain set of rules the employees must follow and they are supposed to help teams work better under certain occasions and situations.

If a project is not as successful and improvisations need to take place, you need to be sure that all of them are compatible with the company’s point of view and goals. This will help the team know exactly which steps to take and you will be able to teach them even more about the company procedure.

7.   Nothing learned from the project

Apart from delivering great results, a project is supposed to help your team learn how to work better in unison, adapt to new situations, work by the company rules and of course obtain new skills.

After the completion of a project, you should always find some time to talk to your team members about their personal growth throughout it and how it has and will affect their future working experience in the company.

Making your project run correctly

Good project management will help you work with more ease with your team and rid yourself of any small mistakes which can hinder your progress. Even the smallest of miscommunication issues or misunderstandings can make a project run slower and that can ultimately harm your company’s sales, plans and future goals.


Which of these 7 mistakes do you believe you will be able to avoid during your next project?

- This blog post was contributed by Ethan Dunwill. Ethan is a professional writer and editor who loves to share his passion for writing with the rest of the world. He is currently working with TrustMyPaper as a content creator and editor and in his spare time he loves to write posts which will help others create better content and keep their audience engaged


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