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5 Tips on How to Successfully Motivate Employees

 Motivating employees is an essential practice for companies to employ in order to achieve objectives both professionally and internally. Employee happiness is inextricably linked to productivity levels. Most managers find it difficult to identify practical ways to motivate employees and this could hinder employee performance and internal relationships. Below are some ways that employees can be motivated.

1. Effective communication

Communication has really become a buzzword for 21st century relationships and certainly not without reason. As in any relationship, employees appreciate open and honest communication with colleagues and managerial staff. High levels of employee engagement are associated with better performance and lower turnover levels. Great ways to increase the quality and frequency of communication in the workplace include the creation of a strong work culture built on values such as mutual respect and implementing formal feedback mechanisms.

2. Monitor their progress towards accomplishing their goals

Motivate employees by working with them to accomplish success. Employee productivity is an important part of your business and deserves to be closely monitored. However, monitoring should be done in such a way that it is unobtrusive and encourages progress instead of making employees feel inadequate or undervalued. Here are some great ways to monitor employees in an encouraging and helpful way.


3. Offer them opportunities for growth

Opportunities for growth – whether in terms of finances, career advancement, skills or personal traits – serve to motivate employees in different ways. Performance incentives encourage good working practices and reward outstanding behavior. Training programs motivate employees to increase skills, while the potential of career advancement is beneficial to both employees and companies who will end up with more talented individuals that have a vested interest in the company’s success.

4. Be transparent

Transparency – much like communication – is vital to building trust and respect within an organization. It is important for employees to feel informed and aware of factors such as changes in company values, decision making and financial expectations. Transparency works to equalize everyone in the workplace and open access to information indicates a company’s integrity. Motivate employees by being transparent and employing good practices– they will feel a sense of belonging and respond accordingly by sharing ideas and opinions that could increase productivity.

5. Foster employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is important in retaining staff and forms the foundation for other important aspects such as effective communication and growth opportunities. Employees that are dissatisfied with their jobs often feel limited, experience a lack of communication or suffer from high stress levels. Conversely, employees that enjoy their job and find a high degree of job satisfaction contribute positively to a company and work hard to excel at any job they are given. Employee satisfaction is highly contingent on company culture and the state of your workplace. Motivate employees by engaging in fun activities that will boost everyone’s mood!


In conclusion, employee motivation is essential to many aspects of the workplace including productivity, work quality and employee relations.Keep employees motivated by ensuring that there is effective communication, monitoring their progress towards accomplishing their goals, offering them opportunities for advancement, being transparent and fostering employee satisfaction. Here’s to success!




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