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by Alan Chapman - Monday, 21 December 2020, 2:02 PM
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2020 Turning Evolution

Certainty and Uncertainty

Humans of modern times tend to be unsettled by uncertainty.

The illusion of certainty, for example enabled for many people by a 'safe', 'comfortable' and 'predictable' life, is really an illusion, because the future cannot be predicted, and many people's situations and lives collapse into life-threateningly shocking disintegrations, for all sorts of reasons. 

Consider sudden bereavement, crime, floods, storms, fires, business failures, illness, etc. Internationally consider wars, famines, earthquakes, etc.

And so our futures are uncertain, and the illusion of certainty beyond the present moment, is an illusion. 

When people's lives disintegrate, a realisation (making real) of uncertainty happens.

For many people this trauma is so shocking that anxiety becomes a deep depression, inflammatory to our connected minds and bodies (see the brilliant Professor Ed Bullmore's world-changing book The Inflamed Mind, exposing and exploring and making miracles of the myths and implications of the 'blood-brain barrier' that's dominated western medicine and science for the past few hundred years).

And this inflammatory response impacts on our immune systems, health, feelings and thinking, so that many people - especially if vulnerable to other health threats such as isolation, obesity, unemployment, debt, past/present abuse, etc - then 'spiral down' into self-loathing, destructive decision-making, bringing additional traumas and deeper disintegrations of mind and body, soul, spirit.

And this is basically the disintegration to suicide or homicide.

And this can happen to anyone.

So what is certain?

There is no certainty, about most things.

And probably everything is uncertain, except what we describe in language, or convey via semiotics (signs, symbols, etc).

Language and science, especially western language and science, attempt to explain the inexplicable (life, death universe, everything).

At a simple level, language can say more reliably, "This is a tree," especially if we are walking in a forest with real trees. But can we say reliably, "This is a tree," if we are watching a movie or a painting of a tree? 

Science, also is a very long way from being able to understand and say what is a tree, because trees - from any scientific viewpoint - are far more complex than people.

And so if language and science cannot say reliably what is a tree, it is not realistic to believe that language science can say what life and death is, and therefore what it is to be a human being.

From a different standpoint, even death is uncertain, because nobody has been able to tell us who are alive, what happens when we die.

Perhaps trees, and other things from our world that live and communicate in more complex ways than humans, show us greater truths and certainties than what we attempt to describe in language and science, and in maths and arts, and anything else that we use to communicate concepts of anything. 


The word 'evolution' has many different related meanings in biology, maths, science and general language, mostly describing the process of:

  • unfolding of a curve, and 
  • the disengaging from an envelope, and 
  • the developing from a rudimentary to a complete state. 

The word 'evolution' came into English c.1620 from Latin, evolvere, meaning 'roll out' - and this is helpful to understand, because it gives the sense of a spiral or spinning - which is very much like evolution - and which is obviously different to a straight line.

Evolution is generally shown in modern science as a straight line, or to be 'linear' - along a single timeline - but this is definitely not the full explanation. It's a one-dimensional view, that's overly simplistic, actually very unhelpful and misleading.

This misunderstanding  determines most people's thinking - especially many academic and expert thinking - about how and why humans behave, and grow, and live and learn, and live and die:

Western science and language, and education and governance, cause most people to believe a completely wrong view about what life is.

And this especially impacts on and undermines and reduces the quality of life, individually, generationally, societally, economically and every other way, for us all.

Because we are all part of humanity, evolving.

And we misunderstand our own evolution.

Everything is connected

Everything is connected. How can it be otherwise?

We are made of atoms and sub-atomic particles that - as best as we can explain using western science - are spinning energy (as if a sort of electricity).

This is the same 'stuff' that is the earth, the oceans, the air, the sky (except the vacuum of space), and the gravity that connects the planets and stars and solar systems, and is found in the black holes of space that we try to understand using telescopes in that space, that see the light from the 'beginning of universal time, 13.5 billion years ago.

And whether we go inside any of the known atoms, that make and sustain us all and life-giving bacteria, or a grain of sand, and the wind and fire, and all thoughts and feelings, or to the ends of the universe(s) - see (my) Theory of Infinite Universes - we end up where we started, which is that everything simply 'is', and this is a more accurate description of anything that we try to explain using more words and science, than simply, 'is' and 'be'.

Stories and ancient wisdoms (for example Native American, Aborigine, Maori, Inuit, and others living more as we're evolved/designed to live) and the love in a baby's eyes, or in the unconditionally loving eyes of a dog or horse, or the dancing and singing and laughter and playing of the children in each of us, are also closer to universal truth than anything that western language and science can explain.

As the giant of evolutionary and future thinking Elisabet Sahtouris says (and I paraphrase) - western science is just one octave on the piano keyboard of life, death, universe and everything; so we must look to eastern and 'Vedic' (eastern/Asian/transcendental/meditation/quantum/etc) science for the fuller keyboard.

Evolution, humanity and time 

So, everything is constantly evolving, and evolution is not a straight line (or 'linear').

'Fractals' (spiralling unfolding patterns within patterns that repeat and overlap) is a much more realistic description of how evolution works, than a straight line.

The idea that the universe began about 13.5 billion years ago and has a 'beginning' and an 'end' is not reliable.

Some of the world's greatest physicists believe that there was no 'beginning' of the universe as conventionally understood, and that 'time'  - and past and future - and beginning and end - is all a huge universal misunderstanding.

A challenge of course is that western science cannot prove or disprove any of this.

2020 - Turning - Evolution

If we put all of the above together, with what is happening/has happened  in 2020, and what we know about the Cosmos - space, time univeres(s), connectedness, etc - then it seems that 2020 is certainly a huge evolutionary turning, significantly exponentially - note that the word exponential is infinitely powerful - and that the (my) optimistic view is: we are now in - maybe sooner than appreciated, even by leading thinkers - a huge turning towards conscious evolution, as described  for example by:

Enough for now, 



Incidentally the picture above is from the cover of Jonathan Northcroft's brilliant book Fearless, about Leicester City Football Club and perhaps the biggest sporting miracle of modern times -  which in my universe represents impossible dreams made true, because of the belief and support of humanity in numbers - collective consciousness. Read the book. It is one of the greatest stories ever told.   

Leicester (and surrounding Leicestershire) is to me a centre of the universe(s) - and, if we imagine a universe to be like a handclap soundwave, or the skin of a balloon, then everywhere is the centre, including our own thoughts and being.

Everything is inside our heads. 

I am you, you are me, we are one, with everything, timeless, in the now that is everything and nothing.

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