Subscription for premium content

We will shortly be releasing a subscription service providing access to 100s of eLearning compliance modules for individuals and organisations, along with other premium content and tools. Please contact us to find out more, and click here for a sample course trailer

The compliance courses included in the subscription include:

Health and Safety

--Getting In and Out of Buildings

--General Workshop Safety Equipment

--Introduction to Working Safely

--Aggression and Violence

--Personal Hygiene in the Workplace

--Covid-19 Awareness

--Good Housekeeping


--Risk Assessment Training

--Fire Safety Awareness

--The Basics of Manual Handling

--Slips, Trips and Falls

--PPE Essentials

Policy and Compliance

--Introduction to (Emergency) First Aid

--Abrasive Wheels


--Electricity - The Shocking Truth

--Working with Substances Hazardous to Health

--Plant and Machinery

--Accident Reporting Training

--Computer Workstations (DSE)

--Asbestos Awareness

--Fire Warden Safety Training

--Working in Confined Spaces

--The Adventures of RIDDOR

--The Ups and Downs of Ladder Safety

--Legionnaires' Awareness

--Working at Height

--The Adventures of the Lone Worker

Mental Health

--Self Harm

--Sleep Problems

--Panic Attacks


--Drug Abuse Advice (Awareness)

--Being Kind to Yourself

--Responding to Difficult Events

--Worry and False Thinking


--Coping with Isolation

--Dealing with Stress

--Crisis Prevention

--Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

--Dealing With Suicidal Feelings


--Workplace Mental Health

--Depression and Low Mood

--Mental Health Warning Signs

--Understanding Anxiety

--Social Media and Self Image

Cyber Security

--Spoofing Attacks

--Email Security

--The Internet of Things

--Protection and Infection Control


--Staying Safe Online

--Viruses and Malware

--Using a Strong Password

--The GDPR Guru


--Creating a Safeguarding Culture

--Types of Abuse (Safeguarding)

--Basic Safeguarding Awareness

Food Safety

--Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2

--Control of Cross Contamination

--Allergy Awareness

Human Resources

--Modern Slavery

--Virtual Interviews


--Return to Work 101

--Conflict Management

--Change Management

--The Power of Storytelling

--Remote Working 101

--Communication Skills

--Collaborative Problem Solving

--Unconscious Bias

--Personal Productivity

--How to Have an Honest Conversation

--Creating a Coaching Culture

--Emotional Intelligence

--Effective Decision Making

--Time Management

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