Would you like to partner with BusinessBalls?

The Benefits

BusinessBalls continues to provide free, ethical and expertly-developed online courses in topics ranging from Leadership & Management, to Emotional Intelligence, Health & Wellbeing, Compliance, or Study. Continuous Professional Development and Personal Improvement are at the forefront of our vision. As a BusinessBalls partner, you could receive free, unlimited access to the plethora of resources available across the site, for personal or organisational use. You could also use BusinessBalls and its millions of users as a platform to promote your own products. 

Current Partners

We can offer your organisation specific benefits, unique to BusinessBalls Partners. We are currently partnered with  Accipio, who offer internationally-recognised qualifications in many of the topics covered on BusinessBalls, in return for access to our thousands of resources for use in their training schemes, using our BusinessBalls Enterprise programme. 

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If you would be interested in becoming a BusinessBalls Partner, and all of its benefits, please do get in touch using our online form, or contact us directly by email. If you make an inquiry, we endeavour to get back to you in 3-working days. 

Last modified: Thursday, 5 March 2020, 4:21 PM