Why does this site use a combination of UK/US English spelling?

Many UK English spellings are different to American English. For example words ending with ‘ise’ and ‘our’, as in realise/realize and favour/favor. Generally UK-English spelling is used on Businessballs, although US-English is used on occasions where appropriate for the material, and also to aid searching. There could of course be genuine spelling errors on the site for which we always welcome corrections. Please get in touch to suggest any corrections.

Why is there advertising on this wedsite?

Feedback is welcomed concerning the introduction of Google advertising on Businessballs, which commenced via the Google Adsense/Adwords programme. The website needs to cover its costs and fund its development, and a discreet level of advertising seems the best way to achieve this. Hopefully the advertising will be appropriate and helpful. Thank you for your understanding and support, and if you wish please send your feedback about this. See this website’s privacy statement for information, implications and options relating to Google’s interest-based advertising practices. Businessballs does not offer exchange links or paid-for text links. Businessballs can consider direct advertising arrangements of suitable scale and duration.

Can I become a guest writers or contributed content?

The Businessballs website features many serious reference articles, training/learning materials, and other resources which have been produced in collaboration with experts in the subjects concerned.


Opportunities for ‘guest writers’ and ‘contributed articles’ are mainly where the subject is of substantial relevance to work/life learning and development, especially a theory or concept or methodology which is not already featured on the website, and the writer is an expert in the field concerned.


Businessballs is not a blogging website, and so does not publish ‘blog-type’ articles. Nor do we publish articles whose main purpose is ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization).


Besides the above, there are several sections of the website which feature smaller contributions, of serious or amusing nature, notably comments on certain theory development/application, the history and origins of certain concepts, ideas, terminology, etc., and contributions to glossaries and other collections and listings, for example acronyms, and original ‘glass half-full/empty’ quotes.


Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Can I publish some of your content?

If you send a brief clear outline of what is proposed we will do our best to give you quick general indication of the likelihood of permission. Please read the terms of use and guidance below before you email enquiries about publishing Businessballs extracts or materials.


Other than for very short extracts or quotes, the reproduction of Businessballs content on other websites not permitted. Please note that due to the large volume of requests we receive we are unable to approve publishing requests which fail to state full and precise details of usage.


We are attempting to develop a protocol for the use of Businessballs content on secure educational intranets, and when/if a workable set of rules can be devised for this purpose it will be explained here.

Can I provide feedback?

Feedback and queries are welcomed about anything related to this website. Please visit the contact us page.

Can I link to BusinessBalls?

If you want to put a navigation link on your website, or in a website posting, or in a ‘Tweet’ or blog, etc., to the Businessballs website or to any webpage/resource within it please do – you’ve no need to ask for permission. Please ensure linked Businessballs pages appear in a new browser window. Content links (hotlinks) are not permitted.

You are similarly permitted to offer (or list or publish) a link or links to the Businessballs website and/or Businessballs webpages and resources, within your own printed or electronic media, for example in books, training materials and manuals, leaflets and posters, etc., and no separate permission is required for this.


These terms extend to the use of materials on the Quizballs.com website.

How do I search on BusinessBalls?

There is a search icon in the main menu on each page. Related links are normally on the right hand side of the page.

Fuller indexes are on the main index page, and the site map page.

The recently added articles list on the home page shows the main additions to that part of the website site.

There is also an archive of ‘recently added’ items dating back to January 2006.