Alan Chapman, founder: BusinessBalls and FoLaD

  Alan Chapman

Transformation – Work, Life, Health, Society

Alan is keen to help employers, organisations, changemakers, etc., to understand and transform human/societal health and wellbeing - including mental health and suicide risk - in the deepest possible ways.

Taboos, fears, misunderstandings, organisational structures, and our fast-changing world, can obstruct openness, engagement and creativity, which are so crucial for progress. There are many ways to engage, involve, and empower people towards transformational growth. Everyone is different. Every situation is different.

Wonderful opportunities exist to explore the challenges of our modern world, and to develop powerful, imaginative, effective ways for transforming workplaces and wider society, so that all organisations contribute positively to people's lives, health, and futures, and thereby also achieve huge improvements for quality, customers, workers, environment, and thereby for reputation and economic performance too.

If you want to explore deep progressive transformational opportunities and solutions for your own organisation, or your personal life or work, please get in touch.


About Alan Chapman

Born 1957 in London, Alan became a salesman age 18. After and mainly alongside a successful career in sales, marketing, HR pioneering, international business, consulting and training, Alan founded and developed, the global free ethical work/life/leadership education website, which he began building in 1995, and launched in 1999.

After his partner Liane Ashberry’s suicide in 2015 (see, and some additional traumas including ongoing suicidal ideation/survival, Alan conceived the Festival of Life and Death (‘FoLaD’, for a world without suicide, whose first main events were in 2018.

Alan is a creative, musician, writer, hill-runner, tea-maker, authenticity and mindfulness advocate, survivor, and positive disintegrationalist (see Dabrowski's/Tillier's Theory of Positive Disintegration - it is an extraordinarily powerful, and recently republished, augmented, emerging concept).

Alan lives in an 18th Century Leicestershire farmhouse with outbuildings, where he innovates wellbeing and educational cafe ideas, with other concepts, partnerships, social enterprise, for community wellness and societal transformation. He advises/consults/helps people and organisations who are trying to understand how to make sense and good from mental crises and other health challenges of this difficult modern age.

Among his wider activities Alan is also British representative on the trustee board of the inspirational Afghanistan Insititute of Peace (, based in Kabul, and a director of the new Respace Social/Growth companies, which innovate powerfully in the physical life, work, health and built environments ( 

Alan and Businessballs

Beginning in 1995, and named from the juggling brand Alan devised for training and team-building, Alan created (mostly in his spare time) the world-leading free ethical work/life/leadership website, which by 2006 became his main work. Alan researched, interpreted, and wrote more than a million words of content on the site (equating to about 20 novels), plus many original diagrams and instruments, used by and taught to many millions of people, and republished in educational, inspirational books and presentations internationally. Businessballs was ranked c.10k of all websites in the early 2000s, with c.4m page views/month from a worldwide audience: notably teachers, trainers, managers, leaders, HR professionals, speakers, academics, students, self-developers, health/social workers and changemakers.

Alan coded/designed the site until 2014, and understands SEO (search engine optimisation) from its beginnings, when search was Yahoo, not Google. Businessballs' subject coverage is vast -  a sort of pocketbook for life, including HR essentials, leadership/management, motivational theories, sales & marketing, psychology & personality models, etymology/words, several huge glossaries, evolution & humanity, design & innovation, language & communications, ethics, quality, self-development, entrepreneurialism, finance & planning, wellbeing, governance and CSR, singing and dancing, and how to make a rearing horse out of baking foil.

Businessballs has always advocated and embedded ethics, compassion, and the development of people centrally in its teachings and content, alongside the need for services and products to offer true quality, and that all these features of work and organisations be the enablers of profit, rather than profit be the chief driver.

In 2015, Alan's partner Liane Ashberry died by suicide. This, and some additional life traumas changed Alan's life in extraordinary ways, hence his new work in suicide prevention and health/societal transformation, which extends very definitely to the power of corporate and institutional transformation, progressive good governance, and genuine social responsibility.

Alan partnered Businessballs with Accipio Ltd. in 2017 to take Businessballs forward, and he remains strongly involved in its development.


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