Alan Chapman, founder: BusinessBalls and FoLaD

  Alan Chapman

The Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is the proposed geological epoch in the Earth's history caused by humans.

In various ways, this is now Alan's main work.

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About Alan Chapman

Born in London in 1957, Alan became a salesman age 18.

He worked in various business roles and sectors, starting his own consultancy in 1989.

Alan began developing free online L&D content in 1995, which became in 1999.

After his partner Liane Ashberry’s suicide in 2015, Alan produced the album Ploughed Heart. This is the original music made with Liane in the five years before her death (see

Alan conceived the Festival of Life and Death in 2016, launching 2017, for emergent synergies and design, connecting suicide, traumatic growth/resilience, and the Anthropocene.

Alan and Businessballs

Beginning in 1995, named from the juggling brand Alan devised for training and team-building, Alan created (mostly in his spare time) the world-leading free ethical work/life/leadership website, which by 2006 had become his main work.

Alan researched, interpreted, and wrote more than a million words of content on the site, plus many original diagrams and instruments, used by and taught to millions of people, and referenced internationally in books, dissertations, presentations, media, academia, etc.

Businessballs was ranked c.10k of all websites in the early 2000s, with c.4m page views/month from a worldwide audience: notably teachers, trainers, managers, leaders, HR professionals, speakers, academics, students, self-developers, health/social workers and changemakers.

Businessballs' subject coverage has always advocated ethics, sustainability, compassion, and the development of people centrally in its teachings.

In 2015, Alan's partner Liane Ashberry died by suicide. This and subsequent life traumas changed Alan's life in extraordinary ways, leading to his work in suicide, health/societal transformation, and the Anthropocene.

Alan partnered Businessballs with Accipio Ltd in 2017 to take Businessballs forward, and he remains involved in its development.

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