About Alan Chapman - Founder, BusinessBalls.com

Born in 1957 in London, England, Alan became a salesman aged 18. Alongside a career in business, advising and training, he founded BusinessBalls.com in 1999 and developed it into a hub of global free ethical work, life, and leadership education. He continued to run the site on his own, producing and collaborating on content, developing it into a world-leading bank of resources for all things business and lifestyle. In 2017, BusinessBalls entered into a partnership with leadership training providers Accipio, but he continues to remain the beating heart of the site, which continues to provide teaching on how to work and lead a happy life. After his partner Liane Ashberry's suicide in 2015 (see RudeAngel.co.uk), and some additional traumas and ongoing suicidal ideation, Alan conceived the Festival of Life and Death ('FoLaD' FestivalofLifeandDeath.org), for a world without suicide, and all this implies - something which he now devotes much of his time to. Alan is a creative, musician, writer, runner, tea-maker, survivor, and authenticity advocate. He lives in a 1767 Leicestershire farmhouse with outbuildings, where having raised his family, he writes, and innovates concepts and cafe space for community wellness and societal transformation.   

Festival of Life and Death (FoLaD) is a free adaptable 'open source' global events concept, for community wellness and suicide awareness/education/prevention. FoLaD aim: a world without suicide, and all this implies. FoLaD is outrageously bold: what we must dream, enable, join-up. FoLaD is extremely lean; a proven model for dramatic societal empowerment, action, self-help, uplift. Emotional trauma is growth - strugglers become role-models/leaders/healers. The magical switch. FoLaD enables this experience and realisation. Trojan-horse-nudge, via arts, music, tea, cake, nature, mindfulness, community, love, laughter, inspiration... Whatever hearts desire to be well; to help others. FoLaD piloted/launched 2017-18. Much more in 2019 and beyond.

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