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quizballs 482 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. Kepler's Laws of the 1600s extended Copernicus's heliocentric theory of humankind's: Evolution; Agriculture; Languages; or Solar System?
  2. Kerela is a beautiful densely populated well-developed southern state of: Russia; Brazil; India; or China? 
  3. The Latin family 'Apoidea' has over 12,000 species of: Birds; Bees; Bears; or Bananas?
  4. What Anglo-French project was abandoned in 1883 due to English public outcry about security?
  5. One knot of maritime/aviation speed equates to: 0.5mph; 0.9mph; 1.15mph; or 2.5mph?
  6. Britain gave the North Sea island of Heligoland to Germany in 1890 in exchange for: Gibraltar; Zanzibar; One pound; or Bayern Munich FC?
  7. Pomegranates originated in: Alaska; Australia; West Asia; or a Swiss laboratory?
  8. What ancient sport now has a 300yard field and up to eight seven-minute 'chukkas'?
  9. Which golf club has the highest loft and face angle (c58%): Driver; Sand wedge; No7 iron; or Putter?
  10. The 1920s-30s Vienna Circle that devised 'logical positivism' was a group of scientific: Musicians; Philosophers; Ice-skaters; or Bakers?
  11. The white soluble salt called soda ash and cleaning soda used in glass, paper, cleansing, etc., is Sodium: Chloride; Carbonate; Nitrite; or Hydroxide?
  12. What iconic Japanese warrior class rose to power in the 12th century, whose customs survive in martial arts?
  13. The enzyme pepsin enables human: 'Fight of flight'; Protein digestion; Sneezing; or Libido?
  14. In geometry, a surfance with no edges and a single side is a Klein: Bottle; Glass; Sheet; or Tube?
  15. The Otto Cycle is the basic four-stroke theory for: Internal combustion engines; Cricket batting; Water-colour painting; or White water rafting?
  16. In 1865 William Booth founded what Army organization: French Foreign Legion; KGB; SAS; or Salvation?
  17. The fearsome 1940s Chindits British colonial infantry brigade was raised in: Australia; Burma; Ireland; or Canada?
  18. The country whose first president and president son, subject to electoral victory challenge in 2017, share names in part is: Kenya; Uganda; Zambia; or Nigeria?
  19. The protein constituent of hair, fingernails, horns and beaks is: Keratin; Ketamine; Kerosene; or Kettering?
  20. An indecisive 1950-53 war saw China/USSR and the UN/US respectively support North vs South: Vietnam; Korea; Africa; or Germany?
  21. Rubbery, red, c.14cms, and under the lower-left ribcage describes the human: Heart; Spleen; Bladder; or Appendix?
  22. The first Memphis was in ancient: Mexico; Egypt; Spain; or Norway?
  23. Phlebitis is inflammation of human: Fingers; Feet; Veins; or Ears?
  24. Omsk, Krakow and Hyderabad, are respectively past capitals of which three nations?
  25. Noddy's hat is: Red; Yellow; Green; or Blue?


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