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quizballs 481 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Medieval European 'miracle plays' were based on the lives of: Saints; Animals; Ordinary people; or Plants? Saints
  2. Baloney, slang for nonsense, is primarily: German beetroot; Bologna pork sausage; Swiss cheese; or Mexican turkey jerky? Bologna pork sausage
  3. The word bamboo (Dravidian 'bambu') is from the Kannada people in: China; Brazil; India; or Canada? India
  4. The Italian metaphor 'Cavoli Riscaldati' ('reheated cabbage') refers to an unsavable: Cooked meal; Broken-down car; Love affair; or Collapsed government? Love affair 
  5. Whose (Mandela quote) tweet became the most liked in history Aug 2017 (3m+) about the US Charlotteville race protests: The Pope; Barack Obama; Donald Trump; or Kim Kardashian? Barack Obama
  6. First published 1886, Hobson-Jobson is a classic reference dictionary of Anglo-(What?): American; Chinese; Indian; or French? Indian
  7. The world's first communist state (1917) was: China; Russia; Cuba; or France? Russia
  8. In 2011 a Bitcoin was worth between $0.30 and $32. Roughly what is a Bitcoin worth in Aug 2017: $0.04; $0.40; $4.00 or $4000.00? $4000.00
  9. The South European heatwave of 2017 was named: Lucifer; Beelzebub; Satan; or Old Nick? Lucifer
  10. Renault's popular electric supermini car launched 2012 is the: Chloe; Zoe; Joe; or Canoe? Zoe
  11. What is the fourth root of 6561: 7; 9; 19; or 39? 9 (9 x 9 x 9 x 9 = 6561)
  12. American Stephen Foster's famous 1948 song 'Oh Susanna' refers to coming from: Arizona; Arkansas; Alabama; or Alaska? Alabama
  13. A sand dollar or sea biscuit informally refers to a: Marine creature; Whirlpool; Oil-drum cap; or Arabian stud horse? Marine creature (round, flat, sea-bed dwelling)
  14. The artist Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto) is famous for his technically precise paintings of: Venice; Amsterdam; Bruges; or Bangkok? Venice
  15. What city, Roman name 'Ratae Corieltauvorum', became globally famous due to Italian influence 2015/16, and the burial of a lost King, found in a car park? Leicester (UK, whose soccer club won the English premiership against vast odds under Claudio Ranieri's management - and separately the discovery in 2012 and burial of Richard III in 2015)
  16. The 1960s cult TV series filmed at Sir Clough Williams-Ellis's famous Italianesque village Portmeirion in N Wales is The: Fugitive; Saint; Prisoner; or Virginian? Prisoner
  17. Chile con carne means chile with: Beans; Tomatoes; Meat; or Heat? Meat
  18. Name the Swiss psychoanalyst and Freud's collaborator whose theory, inc. extraversion vs introversion, underpins Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and other personality testing systems? Carl Jung
  19. As at 2017, in what decade was the last officially recorded infantry bayonet charge: 1940s; 1960s; 1980s or 2010s? 2010s
  20. How many nanometres, a measurement unit used in microchip technology etc., make one metre: 1 million; 10 million, 100 million; or 1 billion? 1 billion (0.000000001 m)
  21. What is a food fish (Osmerus) and metal process: Forge; Smelt; Cast; or Electroplate? Smelt
  22. What scarring infectious disease historically treated with a vaccine from cows was declared eradicated in 1980? Smallpox ('vaccine' and 'vaccination' derive from Latin vacca, cow - discovered/named by English doctor Edward Jenner in treating smallpox with a cowpox vaccine, 1796)
  23. The Hang Seng Index is the main indicator of stock market performance in: China; Japan; Hong Kong; or Russia? Hong Kong
  24. Teak is what sort of wood/tree: Hardwood; Softwood; Food; or Ornamental? Hardwood
  25. Susan Bennett, Karen Jacobsen, and John Briggs are primary voices of: Toy Story; Siri; BBC News; or Otis lifts? Siri (Apple iphones, etc., 'personal assistant' - respectively for US, Australia and UK)


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