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quizballs 477 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In various regions, Voyager, Dokker, Bipper, Caddy, Express, Gemini, and Trafic are popular models of what? Vans
  2. Zopa (founded 2005) is a major international online provider of: News; Video-sharing; Peer-to-peer lending; or Fuit and vegetables? Peer-to-peer lending (matching borrowers with lenders)
  3. The alloy Magnox was used eponymously in what early power generation technology: Nuclear; Solar; Wind or Coal? Nuclear (reactors)
  4. The native/ethnic religion of Japan is: Jainism; Buddhism; Shinto; or Confucianism? Shinto
  5. The (International Union for Conservation of Nature) IUCN 'Red List' is the standard measure of (What?) in relation to biological species: Danger to humans; Environmentally damaging; Risk of extinction; or Edibility? Risk of extinction
  6. What lighting uses low-pressure gas electron/atom collision rediation causing phosphor to glow: LED; Fluorescent; Incandescent; or Candles? Fluorescent
  7. The tricolour/tricolor flag of various nations originated in the 1500s as a sign of: Naval power; Republicanism; Catholicism; or Soccer shirt/shorts/socks? Republicanism (and liberty, revolution, etc)
  8. What central little part of the face, (a highly obscure popular quiz question answer) means 'love charm' in Latin? Philtrum (the vertical cleft between nose and mouth)
  9. The fleshy outer called mace (when dried) surrounds the spice: Coriander; Nutmeg; Cinnamon; or Horseradish? Nutmeg
  10. Tectonics is the study of: Computing; Cinema; Earth's crust; or Colour/color? Earth's crust
  11. What part of the human body has a crown, neck, cement, and pulp cavity? Tooth
  12. What seminal globally significant human rights document was signed in 1215? Magna Carta (by King John of England, reluctantly)
  13. What agricultural word prefixes the following: Bunting, Bread, Exchange, Rows, and Wall? Corn
  14. In organism photosynthesis, chlorophyll absorbs and converts: Light; Carbon dioxide; Rain; or Sound? Light
  15. Who (now an expression) rejected Echo, fell in love with his own reflection, then died and became a flower? Narcissus
  16. What small group of islands and autonomous nation is traditionally part of Scandinavia? The Faroes (or Faeroes)
  17. The Boer War (1899-1902) and defeat of South Africa's Transvaal and Orange Free State saw domestic and international hostility towards the victorious nation: France; USA; Britain; or China? Britain
  18. BBC News (23 Jul 2015): "The Sri Lankan Navy rescue of two elephants washed out to sea was a mammoth effort.." This is a: Palindrome; Pun; Metaphor; or Spoonerism? Pun (see lots more fascinating grammar terms and curiosities in the grammar/language glossary)
  19. German engineer Felix Wankel (1902-88) invented the famous eponymous rotary: Lawn mower; Oven; Internal combustion engine; Clothes dryer; or Helicopter? Internal combustion engine
  20. In mathematics a vector has both: Magnitude; Force; Direction; or Stickiness? (two answers required) Magnitude and Direction
  21. What is the most numerous primate on Earth? Humans (or equivalent term)
  22. What 13th century organization, meaning to 'brag' or 'swank', later emerged powerfully also in 20th century USA as Cosa Nostra? The Mafia (bonus point - what does Cosa Nostra mean, loosely? Our Affair, or words to that effect)
  23. The Magi sages, Caspar, Melchoir, and Balthazar, feature in: Star Wars; Lord of the Rings; Harry Potter; or The Bible? The Bible (the 'three wise men')
  24. Faience is a type of: Dance; Confection; Pottery; or Legal obstruction? Pottery
  25. Match these Latin words to the creatures: Corvine; Lupine; Ursine; Bovine; Ovine; Vulpine; Fox; Crow; Wolf; Cattle; Sheep; Bear? Corvine - Crow; Lupine - Wolf; Ursine - Bear; Bovine - Cattle; Ovine - Sheep; Vulpine - Fox


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