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quizballs 476 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have died from the bite of a: Lion; Spider; Asp; or Horse? Asp (a type of viper or cobra)
  2. What is the fluid component of blood, the '4th state of matter', and ionized gas/electric lamps? Plasma
  3. What is distilled from molasses: Rum; Gin; Vodka; or Tequila? Rum
  4. Name the famous winged horse from Greek mythology? Pegasus
  5. Dendrochronology refers to which three of: Bell; Tree; Hair; Ring; Speed; Pull; Dating? Tree Ring Dating (using the rings in tree sections to calculate age/period and seasonal/climate effects, etc)
  6. Assisi, birthplace of St Francis, founder of the Catholic Franciscan Order, is in: Spain; Italy; France; or Mexico? Italy
  7. The common word/suffix 'berg' in Swedish and German means: Lake; Mountain; Forest; or Ice? Mountain
  8. The epic 'Beowulf' (c1000AD), a vast language record, is the oldest surviving poem manuscript in Old: Dutch; English; French; or German? English
  9. Binomial Nomenclature is a two-part Latin naming and hierarchy system for: Roman roads; Musical instruments; Plants and animals; or Space rockets and satellites? Plants and animals
  10. Which one of these is not among the four main gases of Earth's atmosphere: Nitrogen; Oxygen; Argon; Carbon dioxide; Hydrogen? Hydrogen (Bonus point - which two are c.99% of the total? Nitrogen and Oxygen)
  11. Which element (Sr) named after a Scottish town was discovered by Sir Humphry Davy in 1808? Strontium
  12. Strabismus is an imbalance of the: Heart; Hearing; Eyes; or Beard? Eyes (independent or single focus rather than dual)
  13. Roughly the volume in cubic metres of a squash court is: 30; 100; 352; or 12,000? 352
  14. Mechanical arm railway signals are termed (What?) communication system, also used by ships at sea? Semaphore
  15. Introduced legally in 1876, what vehicular float marking originally included abbreviations for 'Lloyd's Register', 'Salt Water in Summer', and 'Fresh Water'? Plimsoll Line (on ship hulls to indicate safe waterline/buoyancy)
  16. What precious stone is a corundum with chromium traces, historically called carbuncle? Ruby
  17. Colophony, rubbed on violin bows, is better known as a yellow turpentine resin called: Raisin; Rosin; Risin; or Rison? Rosin
  18. What compound (C7H5NO3S) is 500 times sweeter than sugar, for which it substitutes? Saccharin
  19. Charon is the single main moon/satellite of: Pluto; Mars; Neptune; or The Sun? Pluto
  20. What delicacy comes from the creature Husso husso? Caviar (Beluga sturgeon eggs)
  21. The iconic 1968 Small Faces album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake was the first LP with an appropriately (What-shape?) cover, originally produced as a lidded tin container: Hexagonal; Triangular; Pentagonal; or Circular? Circular (alluding to a pipe-tobacco tin - it was later made in cardboard because the tin was too expensive and kept rolling off the shop shelves..)
  22. Birkdale, Troon, Muirfield, and Sandwich are famous venues for what? British Open Golf Championship
  23. Sir Ken Robinson (born 1950) and 'most-viewed TED talker' is a famous: Newsreader; Educationalist; Architect; or Footballer? Educationalist
  24. Match these words and meanings: Pagoda, Palermo, Palmyra, Pangolin - Indian tree, Scaly ant-eater, Buddhist shrine, Capital of Sicily? Pagoda - Buddhist shrine; Palermo - Capital of Sicily; Palmyra - Indian tree; Pangolin - Scaly ant-eater
  25. Which surnamed eponymous supergroup abbreviated to CSNY drew members from The Byrds, Hollies and Buffalo Springfield? Crosby Stills, Nash and Young (5 bonus points for all first names and the bands each came from? David Crosby from The Byrds, Graham Nash from The Hollies, and Stephen Stills and Neil Young from Buffalo Springfield)


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