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quizballs 475 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Short-term/freelance work is popularly called the '(What?) Economy': Big; Wig; Gig; or Fig? Gig
  2. Richard Branson announced in 2017 that it would never be possible to build enough: Care homes; Broadband capacity; Motorways; or Spaceships? Spaceships
  3. What year was the 'Summer of Love', beginning among San Francisco hippies? 1967
  4. Whetting refers to doing (What?) to a (What?): Sharpening; Cleaning; Building; Blade; Pipe; or Corner? (two answers required) Sharpening a Blade
  5. Hippocampus is the genus name for what species? Sea horse
  6. A ring used in threaded plumbing joints is called an: Olive; Orange; Plum; or Banana? Olive
  7. Turkey accounts for c.75% of the world's production of: Pinewood; Hazelnuts; Gold; or Rubber? Hazelnuts
  8. What has a calyx (stem/leaf), and achenes (seeds) on the outside? Strawberry
  9. What two-letter moving word prefixes these to make six new words: Din; Car; Man; Tan; Grin and For? Go
  10. What ancient word for a crown refers to the gaseous outer envelope of a sun or planet? Corona
  11. Hulianwang, diadiktyo, ipurangi, and y rhyngrwyd are Chinese, Greek, Maori and Welsh for: Water; Hello; Love; or Internet? Internet
  12. A laparotomy or celiotomy refers to accessing what cavity: Clock/watch-case; Building floor/ceiling; Human abdomen; or Egyptian tomb? Human abdomen
  13. Omnivorous refers to what sort of diet: Meat; Fish; Vegetable; or Varied? Varied
  14. The surname Mercer refers to what trade: Textile fabrics; Beer; Weaponry; or Beekeeping? Textile fabrics
  15. On 1st July 2017 Canada celebrated its (What?) anniversary (of when Canadian Confederation was proclaimed): 100th; 150th; 200th; or 300th? 150th
  16. What ailment is known in Cockney Rhyming Slang as 'Farmer Giles'? Piles (Hemorrhoids)
  17. In botony a bract is a type of: Leaf; Aroma; Root; or Seed? Leaf
  18. What sort of image is recorded using a laser and semi-transparent mirror? Hologram
  19. Meissen in Germany is also the name of what high quality product from the city: Sausage; Lager; Porcelain; or Motorbike? Porcelain
  20. In what country is the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster? Ukraine
  21. 'o small' equates to what name for O in the Greek alphabet? Omicron (from o mikron)
  22. In the musical treble clef what note is the bottom line: A; B; C; D; or E? E
  23. What sort of giant (5m erect) creature is the extinct megatherium: Giraffe; Elephant; Sloth; or Penguin? Sloth
  24. The Anglicized French term entrepĂ´t refers to a significant: Mathematical theory; Sea port; Announcement; or Breakfast? Sea port (where imported goods were also traded, and so the port became economically strategic)
  25. Roughly how many tennis balls are stocked for use at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship fortnight: 1,200; 2,200; 4,500; or 57,000? 57,000


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