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quizballs 470 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. The farmer in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies is Mr: McDougall; McGregor; Macdonald; or MacHinery?
  2. Greek mythology asserts that the first woman on Earth was: Venus; Hera; Eve; or Pandora?
  3. Which one of these is the more general name within which the other two are types: Sultana; Raisin; Currant?
  4. Launched 2016/17, Apple Homepod, Amazon Echo, and Google Home mainly provide: Music; Gaming; Education; or Robot baby-sitting and parenting?
  5. Donald Trump's May 2017 Twitter typo that became a viral conundrum was: Boobebe; Kwififi; Covfefe; or Impeecci?
  6. The Maris Piper is a popular famous: Light aircraft; Potato; Scottish folk dance; or Plumbing manual?
  7. Breteche, Machiolation, Murder-holes, Merlons and Hoarding are features of: Golf courses; Medieval castles; Cheese; or Wedding cakes?
  8. What does the J stand for in the household cleaning 'J-cloth' (now genericized) brand?
  9. What portmanteau word (for a video diary) is a form of publishing, done by millions of children (e.g., on YouTube), often unknown to teachers and parents?
  10. Panettone is a popular Italian: Motorcycle; Lake; Bread; or Martial art?
  11. What creature is a 'fashion' (style) of repeated recitation often used in learning?
  12. What Latin for beak is a speaking platform, from Ancient Rome's speaker Forum, decorated with the beaks of captured galleys?
  13. Siddhārtha Gautama is simply and eponymously known as what founding religious teacher?
  14. The pastry used in eclairs and similar cakes is: Shoo; Shew, Shoe; or Choux?
  15. What did Willie Walsh reveal as the actual cause of BA's catastrophic IT systems outage, stranding 75,000 passengers and grounding flights at 170 airports over a May holiday weekend 2017: Cyber-attack; Psychic phenomenon; Rats; or Someone pulled the plug out?
  16. 'Watergate' - the scandal causing US president Nixon's resignation in 1974 - is actually a: Book; Journalist; Building complex; or Legal term for impeachment?
  17. Tabs, Knobs, Whimsies, and Innies and Outies feature in what table-top amusement?
  18. Named after its German bacteriologist inventor, what is a flat circular transparent dish used for cultivating micro-organisms?
  19. What BBC TV children's story show (1965-96) is named from a nursery rhyme, and became Cockney Rhyming slang for 'story', especially alluding to fabrications and lies?
  20. 'Machine Learning' and 'Decision Trees' are terms in: Dr Who; Star Trek; Landscape gardening; or Artificial Intelligence?
  21. The time spent by people viewing YouTube videos each day (i.e., in a single day - as at 2017) collectively equates to roughly how many years: Ten; A hundred; A thousand; or 100,000?
  22. Spraint is the dung of the: Cat; Dog; Otter; or Rabbit?
  23. Someone who shunts trains in the USA, derived from older English for an inn's groom for horses or innkeeper is a: Rustler; Whistler; Hostler; or Wrestler?
  24. The Westermarck effect, which opposes Freudian theory, seeks to explain: War; Dreams; Playground games; or Genetic Sexual Attraction?
  25. What is the modern equivalent of Royal Navy's 1914-18 code: Apples, Butter, Charlie, Duff, Edward, Freddy, George, Harry, Ink, Johnnie, King, London, Monkey, Nuts, Orange, Pudding?


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