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quizballs 469 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. What sturdy woven fabric is also a homonym/homophone with a systematic initial contact method in selling and political campaigning?
  2. The 12th Earl of (Where?) gave his name to an equine event in 1780 and now any local contest between nearby clubs?
  3. In computing what does SIM stand for, as in SIM card?
  4. What game piece, fast-food chain, and fearful political theory was a hooded clerical cloak?
  5. What famous English artist/ceramics maker, 2003 Turner prizewinner and iconic cultural/political advocate, also uses the name 'Claire'?
  6. On what did British Airways initially blame its catastrophic IT systems outage, stranding 75,000 passengers and grounding flights at 170 airports over a May holiday weekend 2017: Cyber-attack; Employee sabotage; Squirrels; or An electrical power surge?
  7. Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, and Sinn Féin are political parties of: Wales; Poland; Ireland; or Canada?
  8. What tennis term derives from an egg?
  9. Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton first presented in 1958, joined by John Noakes in 1965, what internationally longest-running children's TV show?
  10. The sailing-originating expression meaning to change direction/approach/method is spelled 'Change...: Tack; Tach; Tac; or Taque?
  11. What 1920s-originating clothing is named from the extra inches to enable tucking into socks?
  12. What mythological horse metaphorically refers to the secret supplanting/insertion of an effect or idea, especially in malicious computing?
  13. What is the African-American folk belief, originally a bag of magic items, becoming a metaphor for powerful charisma/style, and various brandnames?
  14. What is the Australian Aboriginal Pitjantjatjara popular name for the sacred Ayers Rock: Oloro; Uluru; Alara; or Ylyry?
  15. In what German city was the 2-5% perfume formulation (now generic) eponymously devised/named, in 1709?
  16. A tagine (meaning 'frying pan') is a stew and earthenware pot originating in: South America; North Africa; Mexico; or Scotland?
  17. The internationally famous corporation Stanley Gibbons, founded in 1856, specializes in: Gold; Insurance; Stamps; or Cookery?
  18. What Dutch football club is a mythological warrior and cleaning chemical brand?
  19. Tectonic plates are in: Medieval armour; Beetle bodies; Earth's crust; or Hospital catering?
  20. Meaning a (typically shameful) secret, a (What?) is said to be in the closet/cupboard?
  21. What activity is the source of the teamwork expressions 'pull your weight' and 'pull together'?
  22. Jean François Gravelet (1824-97) was famously better known as: Tom Thumb; The Elephant Man; Charles Blondin; or Harry Houdini?
  23. The California Wham-O-Production Co launched (What?) c.1957 after Yale students' use of a Connecticut pie product?
  24. What is temperature and a round in a knockout contest?
  25. Which two of these are not among the Nine Roles of the famous 'Belbin Team Role Inventory' used in management: Plant; Resource-Investigator; Co-ordinator; Shaper; Monitor-Evaluator; Teamworker; Trouble-maker; Implementer; Completer-Finisher; Specialist; or Cook?


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