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quizballs 468 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. According to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc., the third son of Adam and Eve was: Joseph; Noah; Seth; or Ben?
  2. The profession of lexicographer produces what end-product?
  3. Using similar principles to acupuncture, the Japanese therapy (meaning 'finger pressure') is called: Reiki; Shiatsu; Feng Shui; or Kung Fu?
  4. Schabziger (or sapsago), made of cows milk and blue fenugreek, in the Swiss canton (state) Glarus, first by monks in the 8th century, and later named/specified in 1463 thus becoming one of the earliest brands, is: Ice-cream; Cheese; Chocolate; or Toffee liqueur?
  5. In which city is the UN's International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the Dutch Parliament?
  6. What metal element is the fifth most abundant in Earth's crust and oceans, and crucially important in teeth, bones and shells?
  7. Which two of these words formed the slogan for the UK Conservative Party's 2017 general election campaign: Change; Tough; Strong; Stable; Able; Crime; Hope; Love; or Trust? (two answers required)
  8. A large ocean system of circulating currents (there are five main ones) is called a: Gyre; Wyre; Flyre; or Dyre?
  9. Pesty, Mort, Hungry Herman and Jane are in whose gang and small cartoon strip in a confection of the same name?
  10. What name for a royalist opponent of a 'Roundhead' in the English Civil War (1642-1651) became an adjective meaning arrogant?
  11. Who in 1917 became the first communist leader of Russia: Stalin; Lenin; Trotsky; or Nijinsky?
  12. Which two of these notes are not in the common tuning of both violin and mandolin: G; D; A; E; B; or C? (two answers required)
  13. The surname Miller traditionally attracts what nickname?
  14. Ex-boss of RBS, stripped of knighthood 2012 for his part in the 2008 global crash, in court 2017, is Fred 'the Shred' who? (surname required)
  15. Respectively representing 'soul' and 'love', which two of these were sacred lovers in classical mythology: Cupid; Aphrodite; Zeus; Psyche; or Apollo?
  16. P A - referring to a sound system, stands for what?
  17. What elemental word prefixes these words to form five new terms: Standard, Tongue, Birch, Solder, and Service?
  18. What nation dropped its charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2017, and in what nation's London embassy did he take refuge? (two answers required)
  19. In politics what Anglicized-French term (from 'bring together') refers to the re-establishment of cordial relations between two nations?
  20. Hobart is the capital of which major Australian island state?
  21. Emily Dickinson's famous poem is 'Hope is the thing with (What?)': Fur; Feathers; Skin; or Bones?
  22. From Greek 'image' and 'break' what word describes someone who attacks or seeks to undermine a popular belief or system?
  23. What word refers to a range of fish and musical instruments, and was the largest international brewery (late 1800s-early 1900s)?
  24. The extraordinary authors/humanitarians Elie Wiesel, Primo Levi, and Viktor Frankl were survivors of the: Russian Great Purge; Holocaust death camps; Siege of Sidney Street; or Titanic disaster?
  25. What do the first letters stand for in each of these chivalric orders (awarded titles) of the British Empire: KBE, OBE, MBE, CBE?


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