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quizballs 466 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What sports net is 5ft (1.55m) high: Netball; Badminton; Hockey; or Soccer? Badminton
  2. Rebuilt in stone 15-16thC, what's the world's largest building? Great Wall of China
  3. What USA WWII rocket-launcher is associated with bubblegum and whose shape and name alludes to a cheap wind instrument? Bazooka (alluding to kazoo - and associated with Bazooka Joe bubblegum)
  4. Afrikaans 'earth pig' is what prominently dictionary-listed creature, also called 'ant bear'? Aardvark
  5. The potentially life-threatening Portuguese man o' war is commonly misunderstood to be a: Scorpion; Spider; Snake; or Jellyfish? Jellyfish (different species exist in Atlantic and Indian/Pacific oceans)
  6. Coal, oil and natural gas are commonly called (What?) fuels, being originally organic material preserved in sedimentary rock? Fossil
  7. What versatile tough wood is used for handles, drumsticks, smoking food, and in a nursery rhyme about time? Hickory (Hickory dickory dock..)
  8. A pipistrelle is a small insect-eating: Badger; Bat; Rat; or Cat? Bat
  9. A pinto, used by Native American Indians, is a type of: Spear; Tepee/Tipi; Horse; or Smoking pipe? Horse
  10. What is the common word for corrosion consisting of hyrdated iron oxide? Rust
  11. What sort of tool is a rasp: Rock hammer; Ripping file; Magnetic screwdriver; or Watchmaker's spanner? Ripping file
  12. USA 100-degree proof alcoholic drink equates to percentage volume alcohol of: 10; 25; 50; or 110? 50
  13. Name the famous alliterative German school of 20thC industrially-styled design, founded at Weimar in 1919? Bauhaus
  14. The Bedouin Arab people are noted: Fishermen; City-dwellers; Nomads; or Bankers? Nomads
  15. An allele (fully allelomorph), often referenced in human eye colour/color, is a variant form of what DNA part? Gene
  16. Associated with liquid volumes and car engines, what is the common name for the SI Unit of a cubic decimetre? Litre
  17. Calico, originating in Calicut India, is woven: Wool; Silk; Cotton; or Grass? Cotton
  18. The spoken English 'RP' accent traditionally asserted 'correct' during the 20thC is called '(What?) Pronunciation'? Received (referring to students 'receiving' the style at public schools and universities)
  19. The stage surname of US-born Milan La Scala prima donna soprano Maria Kalogeropoulos (1923-77) is: Meen; Narsti; Crool; or Callas? Callas
  20. The standard Western 'Gregorian' calendar is named after a: Roman emperor; Pope; Swiss mathematician; or US president? Pope (Gregory XIII, who introduced the calendar in 1582)
  21. Put these naval ships in order of modern rating size, largest to smallest: Destroyer, Corvette, Battleship, Cruiser? Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer, Corvette
  22. The brilliant scientist Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was: Italian; Spanish; Swiss; or Canadian? Italian
  23. Linseeds/linseed oil come from what plant, which also makes linen? Flax (also called common flax, and linseed, which technically is also a correct answer, as would be the technical name Linum usitatissimum, for which you would receive at least 20 bonus points..)
  24. Which stereotypical British film star of Wuthering Heights (1939) wrote two autobiographies including The Moon's a Balloon? David Niven
  25. The Latin 'Via Lactea' gave us what astronomical name for our own galaxy? Milky Way


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