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quizballs 464 - free general knowledge questions without answers for trivia quizzes


  1. The most highly developed part of a brain is the: Cerebrum; Hippocampus; Thalamus; or Medulla?
  2. Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary are the three major types of: Trees; Rock; Fish; or Human hair?
  3. Ray Dolby's eponymous 1933 invention improved: Safety glass; Blood transfusion; Sound reproduction; or Train punctuality?
  4. Name the tree/resin which produces Arabic/Yemen (natural chewing) gum, related to a word for chew?
  5. In the Modern Braille system, three embossed dots in vertical line equates to: A; L; V; or Z?
  6. Desalination is the removal of (What?) from (What?): Heat; Salt; Brine; Alcohol; Infection; or Milk? (two answers required)
  7. The Parthenon in Athens was originally a: Gladiatorial stadium; Temple; Fortress; or Library?
  8. Brighter rainbows are caused mainly by: Air temperature; Time of day; Bigger raindrops; or The viewing person's imagination only?
  9. Japanese for 'picture character' is (What?) - reportedly the fastest growing language ever?
  10. In astronomy what name is given to a distance of 3.26 light-years, a portmanteau of parallax and second?
  11. In the scoring of diving competition (from a platform/board into a pool) the abbreviation DD means what?
  12. 'Highway Gothic', 'Transport' and 'Motorway', (originally US, UK, UK) are common international standard road (What?): Reflective paint; Surfacing stone sizes; Signage typefaces; or Lighting brightness?
  13. A stabilizing fin that provides uplift for a fast watercraft, or downforce for a fast car, is a hydro or aero (What?):
  14. Measured in kilograms per cubic metre, the mass of unit volume of a substance is called: Density; Weight; Momentum; or Pressure?
  15. Metrical feet types such as iamb, trochee, dactyl, and anapest characterize: American furniture; Western poetry; Tree frogs; or Southern hemisphere rainbows?
  16. A full-grown courgette or zucchini is a: Cucumber; Pumpkin; Marrow; or Aubergine?
  17. The nitrogen cycle, fundamental in nature, entails airborne nitrogen and animal/plant decomposition converting to: Ammonia; Oxygen; Hydrogen; or Silver?
  18. Heightwise, if Mount Everest were put into the the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, its peak would be roughly where in relation to sea level: At sea level; A mile higher; Two miles higher; or A mile below?
  19. Reef, clove hitch, bowline, and sheepshank are types of what?
  20. What Latin for 'I' is used in varying contexts referring to the oneself, and our self-view?
  21. Epoch, Eon, Era, and Period are types of: Punctuation; Roman gods; Geological timescales; or Microsoft operating systems?
  22. What word for a sweet dish is a French portmanteau meaning 'clear the table', combining 'remove' and 'serve'?
  23. The infinity sign is a sideways (90-degree rotated): 3; 6; 8; or X?
  24. What global ethical standards organization's logo, like the yin-yang symbol, shows "..blue sky for optimism, green for growth, and a raised arm for empowerment..." ?
  25. In the constructed international Esparanto language, what are Dimanĉo, Lundo, Mardo, Merkredo, Jaŭdo, Vendredo, Sabato?


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