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quizballs 459 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The term on Wikipedia for a short article in need of expansion is a: Nub; Hub; Stub; or Shrub? Stub
  2. The German word Reich means: Age; Empire; Way; or Rock? Empire (or Kingdom)
  3. Which two of these wrote to each other in 1873 agreeing that their respective works both sought to improve mankind's happiness: Charles Darwin; William Shakespeare; Karl Marx; or Queen Victoria? (two answers required) Charles Darwin and Karl Marx
  4. Emerging in the early 1900s, 'Eugenics' is the study/theory of: Dance; Genetically modified crops; Political deception; or Selective human breeding? Selective human breeding
  5. Amazon Japan's 'Obo-san Bin' service delivers: Koi carp; Willow trees; Sushi; or Buddhist priests? Buddhist priests (Obo-san Bin means loosely Mr Delivery Priest)
  6. Myocardial infarction is better known as: Headache; Sunburn; Breathlessness/panting; or Heart attack? Heart attack
  7. Lava Lamp, Bubblewrap, Perspex and Velcro are all: Eponyms; Genericized trademarks; NASA space inventions; or Children's inventions? Genericized trademarks (a tradename that becomes used for the product type/genre)
  8. A popular traditional name for a clothes airer or drying stand is a clothes: Cow; Mule; Horse; or Chicken? Horse
  9. When an employer instructs a departing employee to serve his/her paid notice period not working this is called "(What?) Leave": Decorating; Gardening; Golfing; or Car-washing? Gardening (or Garden Leave - typically to minimise risks of the employee using sensitive information by working for a competitor - the practice/terminology also applies to a period of suspension from work due to such things as investigation or publicity or other crisis management where the employee's presence at work is considered threatening)
  10. In the movie industry the jobs Gaffer, Best boy, and Key grip share responsibilities for: Sound, Lighting; Costumes; or Canteen and refreshments? Lighting (Gaffer is senior, Best boy is assistant; Key grip is responsible for non-electrical lighting supports - gaffer here is also the derivation of gaffer tape)
  11. The famous Italian song title 'Volare', and its other main chorus word 'Cantare' mean respectively: Love; Dream; Fly; Sing; or Eat? (two answers required) Volare = Fly, Cantare = Sing
  12. The Easterlin Paradox (after US economist Richard Easterlin) argues that (What?) does not increase with wealth: Health; Happiness; Life expectancy; or Intelligence? Happiness
  13. Kimberlite (named after Kimberley SA) is an igneous rock mined because it contains: Potassium; Gold; Diamonds; or Salt? Diamonds
  14. Which one of these attacks a group from the outside, rather than from within: Fifth Columnist; Agent Provocateur; Stool Pigeon; or Guerrilla? Guerrilla
  15. Campus, referring to university/college grounds and buildings, derives from Latin meaning: Book; Field; Prison; or Holiday camp? Field
  16. Dr Adolphe Pinard's eponymous horn, is used for: Orchestral bass; Fox hunting; Fetal heartbeat measurement; or Alpine goat-herding? Fetal heartbeat measurement (the Pinard horn is an 'ear-trumpet', typically black, c. 8", by which medical/midwifery staff can hear an unborn baby's heartbeat)
  17. What, worn by skiiers, motorcyclists, stage-performers, artillerymen, etc., has standards for NRR, SNR and dB(A): Helmets; Earplugs; Barrier-cream; or Underwear? Earplugs (Noise Reduction Ratings, Single Number Rating, and the A-weighting system for measuring sound [decibels])
  18. In psychology, actions/thoughts made acceptable afterwards by imagined reasons is called: Past-projection; Post-rationalization; Retrospective-analysis; or Left-justification? Post-rationalization
  19. The demographic acronym popularised (UK 2016) referring to families living at subsistence level is: RELISH; SAUCE; JAM; or GRAVY? JAM (Just About Managing)
  20. The Ambassador car make, adopted from the 1950s British Morris Oxford, became common and an iconic taxi since 1958-2000s in: Russia; China; India; or Cuba? India (Ambassador was sold to Peugeot in 2017)


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