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quizballs 457 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Axilla (alternatively 'Oxter') technically refer to a: Divorce; Temper-tantrum; Cat-dog hyrid; or Human armpit? Human armpit
  2. The metaphor referring to strong avoidance is, "I wouldn't touch it with a (What?) pole": Tent; Barge; Punt; or North? Barge
  3. The technical term 'Otitis media with effusion' is commonly called: Radio; Television; White noise; or Glue ear? Glue ear
  4. Conceived c.1900, Bertie Bassett became an anthropomorphic icon for: Dolly Mixtures; Liquorice Allsorts; Jelly Babies; or Gummy Bears? Liquorice Allsorts (anthropomorphic refers to something inanimate given human form/character)
  5. The slang term for a pubic wig, and also an amusing USA phonetic demonym, is: Usian; Murkin; Texian; or Knickerbocker? Murkin ('merican - incidentally a demonym is a name for a person from a particular place)
  6. American Condé Montrose Nast (1873-1942) founded a major eponymous (What?) company: Supermarket; Publishing; Gold-mining; or Dance? Publishing (Condé Nast)
  7. The Auroch is the ancient extinct (since 1627 in Poland) wild ancestor of domestic: Cats; Dogs; Cattle; or Budgerigars? Cattle
  8. Originally a seal or stamp, the Anglo-French word meaning prestige is: Kudos; Cachet; Style; or Bling? Cachet
  9. Nintendo's successful 2017 game console is called the: Click; Button; Switch; or Glitch? Switch
  10. What city is a portmanteau of two places merged in 1873 from each side of the Danube: Berlin; Budapest; Vienna; or Paris? Budapest (Buda [and Obuda] and Pest)
  11. Which territory has more ancient oak trees than in the rest of Europe combined: Britain; Scandinavia; Spain; or Luxembourg? Britain
  12. Spell the word meaning earnings or payment: Renumeration; Renumoration; Remuneration; or Renewmoration? Remuneration
  13. A bothy is a very basic Scottish: Loaf; Cottage; Boat; or Cow? Cottage (typically in hilly/mountain countryside, and traditionally available to different workers for shelter)
  14. Emerging early 1900s from rejection of capitalist logic, Dadaism (or Dada) is an: Economic theory; Art  movement; Global currency and language; or Dog-worshipping religion? Art movement
  15. Before people used bronze c.2000BC, tool technology was generally: Aluminium/Aluminum; Stone; Iron; or Gold? Stone
  16. 'La Charleston', thought derived from the US South Carolina city, is the French term for what pedal-operated equipment: Sewing machine; Bumper/dodgem car; Hi-hat cymbals; or Pedalo/paddle boat? Hi-hat cymbals 
  17. A 2017 Pittsburgh Medical School study found social isolation increases markedly with the use of: Alcohol; Social media; Garlic; or Spectacles? Social media (Facebook, etc)
  18. What confection is named from French meaning melting: Caramel; Fondant; Fudge; or Toffee? Fondant (from fondre, to melt)
  19. What word prefixes: 'over', 'trap', 'sheet', and 'sch' (lastly to make a geological layered deposit): Fly; Man; Turn; or Dust? Fly (Flysch - a sedimentary layered deposit of, for example, shale and sandstone - the word is old, from German/Swiss)
  20. What profession uses titles including 'de cuisine', 'sous', 'commi', and 'de partie' in a 'brigade system' defined by Frenchman Auguste Escoffier c.1900: Military artillery; Chef; Judiciary; or Circus entertainers? Chef


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