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quizballs 452 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Argentina originated the: Samba; Jive; Tango; or Waltz? Tango (see many fascinating facts about dance)
  2. English King Henry I (1068-1135) reportedly introduced a standard for (What?) using his nose and thumb: Longbow; Handkerchief; Snuff; or Yard? Yard
  3. A typical 'thread count' of high quality bed linen is about 5; 50; 500; or 5000? 500
  4. When the Moon is at 'Sysygy' with the Earth and Sun which two of these can it be: Half; Full; New; or Red? (two answers required) Full and New (sysygy is from Greek suzugos, 'yoked together' and refers to three celestial bodies being in line, by which according to position, the Moon is either full or new)
  5. The ornamental cutting and shaping of plants is: Apiary; Aviary; Topiary; or Incendiary? Topiary
  6. The famous saying about power and money is "He who (What?) the (What?) calls the tune": Primes; Pays; Pumps; Bellows; Piper; or Banks? (two answers required) Pays the Piper
  7. In 1934 Englishman Percy Shaw invented and patented: Traffic lights; Car indicator lights; Cats eyes; or Roundabouts? Cats eyes (reflective road studs)
  8. Hydroponics is the production of (What?) without (What?): Light; Eggs; Plants; Soil; Water; Heat; or Babies? (two answers required) Plants without Soil
  9. A tenth of a Roman army legion, c.500 soldiers, is the derivation of the group word: Posse; Cohort; Squad; or Committee? Cohort
  10. The European reindeer is known in North America as: Caribou; Elk; Bison; or Mountain goat? Caribou
  11. Scotland's 1388 Battle of Otterburn is also called: Chevy Chase; Tiny Tempah; Benedict Cumberbatch; or Burt Bacharach? Chevy Chase (derived from a hunt/area in the Cheviot Hills - long-called Chevy Chase - on the border of England and Scotland, which led to the bloody Anglo-Scottish Battle of Otterburn of 1388 - The US comedian's nickname Chevy was apparently given by his grandmother, having Scottish ancestry, alluding to folklore/ballads dating back to the 14th century telling of the battle, notably the ballad, The Battle of Chevy Chase - incidentally the town/districts called Chevy Chase in Maryland USA are also named after the 1388 Chevy Chase battle)
  12. In 1926 Eamon de Valera founded the political party Fianna Fail (Soldiers of Destiny) in: France; Portugal; Ireland; or Russia? Ireland
  13. The Japanese concept translated as 'Divine Wind' is: Origami; Bonsai; Karate; or Kamakazi? Kamakazi (WW2 suicide pilots)
  14. Florentine, Garibaldi, Zimsterne, Snickerdoodle, and Anzac are types of: Ballet spin; Biscuit/cookie; Hat; or Napkin fold? Biscuit/cookie
  15. According to fiction, Ignatia Wildsmith (1227-1320) invented (What?) enabling transit/communications via fireplaces: Feather dust; Fire styx; Broad skyband; or Floo powder? Floo powder (from the Harry Potter books, alluding to a 'flue', which connects a fireplace to a chimney)
  16. The tail of a comet takes what form/direction: Spiral; Tubular; Bent back to the comet; or Pointing away from the Sun? Pointing away from the Sun (e.g., when the comet is travelling away from the sun, its tail goes first)
  17. The ancient board game of checkers is also known as: Ludo; Draughts; Backgammon; or Snakes and Ladders? Draughts
  18. In Birmingham 2017, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Tommy Iommi, played their final gig after 49 years in the band: Led Zeppelin; Pink Floyd; Black Sabbath; or The Bay City Rollers? Black Sabbath
  19. France gave (What?) to (Where?) in 1886 as a centenary gift: The Statue of Liberty; Napoleon's sword; Nelson's Column; London; USA; or Australia? (two answers required) The Statue of Liberty to USA (celebrating 100 years of US independence)
  20. A scapula is what sort of blade: Surgical; Axe; Grass; or Shoulder? Shoulder


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