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quizballs 451 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Who said, "I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was taken to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph..": Prince Charles; Shirley Temple; Kylie Minogue; or Marilyn Monroe? Shirley Temple
  2. Which one of these is not an ancient civilization/people of the Americas: Aztec; Inca: Maya; Pict; or Inuit? Pict (Scottish)
  3. The Kisspeptin protein, encoded by the KISS1R gene, significantly influences human: Eye-colour; Mouth shape; Smartphone addiction; or Libido? Libido (sexual/reproductive drive)
  4. Which one of these is not an ingredient of haggis: Sheep offal; Oatmeal; Onion; Suet; or Mackerel? Mackerel
  5. What abbreviated Latin term refers in broadcasting to street interviews of the general public: Via Com; Idiotox; Vox Pop;or Pop Sox? Vox Pop (or vox pops - from Vox populi - meaning 'voice of the people' - see more fascinating Latin expressions)
  6. Which one of these is not a joint record-holder for the most (14) Oscar nominations: La La Land; Titanic; All About Eve; or Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  7. (At early 21st C) Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Skoda and Bentley are part of which parent corporation: General Motors; Ford; Volkswagen; or Toyota? Volkswagen
  8. The 2017 Australian Open Tennis Championship was the first of the 'open' era (since 1968) in which men's and women's singles finalists were all: American; Over 30; Over 6ft2ins; or Left-handed? Over 30 (Federer, Nadal, and the Williams sisters)
  9. Technically the 'Last of the Mohicans' was: Chingachgook; Uncas; Hawkeye; or Geronimo? Uncas (in fiction/legend, Uncas was the son of Chingachgook, although in reality Uncas, c1588-1683, was a real chief of the Mohegan Native American Indians)
  10. Airbus announced it would begin testing what sci-fi prototype in 2017 for production/commercialization: Flying car; Travelator pavements; Teleportation (like The Fly and Star Trek); or Anti-gravity paint? Flying car
  11. The chemical formula C10H15N is a loose equivalent of: Cannabis; Crystal meth; Paracetamol; or Table salt? Crystal meth
  12. Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) was a (What?) leader of (Where?): Socialist; Conservative; Buddhist; Venezuela; Cuba; or Spain? (two answers required) Socialist and Venezuela
  13. The famous German drink, labelled Wolfenbuttel with a stag and cross, and combined with Red Bull in a 'bomb' is: Lowenbrau; Jagermeister; Underberg; or Gluhwein? Jagermeister
  14. Which two of these do not refer to chaos/violence of some sort: Pandemonium; Catastrophe; Halcyon; Catechism; or Cataclysm? (two answers required) Halcyon and Catechism (respectively calm/peaceful [adjective], and Christian teaching using questions and answers)
  15. Before being renamed in 1997, Diageo was a merger of Grand Metropolitan and: Pan Am; Interpol; Enron; or Guinness? Guinness
  16. Said to have influenced Brexit and US elections 2016, the media phenomenon prompting government investigation is termed: Tall Stories; Cob Webs; Fake News; or Increditorial? Fake News (according to critics, 'fake news' mainly originates in websites and social media, although sceptics argue that 'fake news' has always existed in traditional media, notably in the form of government and corporate spin/PR, and the problem for governments is that modern 'fake news' is not within government/corporate control)
  17. Findern Primary School, Derbyshire, introduced (What?) in 2017, a UK first: Elderly mentors; Pets; Cellphone ban; or Carpet-slippers? Carpet slippers (based on a 10-year study proving behaviour/learning improved as a result of not wearning shoes in school)
  18. Cassis is a French liqueur made and named from: Apple; Orange; Blackcurrant; or Potato? Blackcurrant (cassia is Latin for blackcurrant)
  19. Alluding to a euphemism for death, what one seeks to do before dying is a: Farm schedule; Bucket list; Curtain rail; or Daisy chain? Bucket list (see 'kick the bucket')
  20. Which three of these are not generally listed among the Christian Twelve Apostles/Disciples: Bartholomew; Graham; Philip; Thomas; Trevor; Matthew; Judas; or Nigel? (three answers required) Graham, Trevor, Nigel


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