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quizballs 450 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Air, Surface, Fire and Pixel are leading brands of: Walking boots; Electric cars; Tablet computers; or Saucepans? Tablet computers
  2. Following the Jacobite Rising of 1745, Britain's Dress Act of 1746 banned the wearing of: Turbans in India; Kilts in Scotland; Handguns in Texas; or Shoes in Kenya? Kilts in Scotland (extending to all dress worn by Scottish clans, including tartan/ plaid)
  3. 2017 research of 10million online accounts found the most popular English-language password to be: Aardvark; Apple; Qwerty; or Internet? Qwerty (123456 is the most popular password number)
  4. The dessert crème brûlée Is typically made of; Yoghurt; Custard; Banana; or Chocolate? Custard
  5. On a conventionally tuned guitar, fretting 4th (D) and 5th (A) strings at the 2nd fret makes the chord: A minor; B; C; or E minor? E minor
  6. Myopia is commonly called: Memory loss; Short-sightedness; Headache; or Old age? Short-sightedness
  7. Founded 1971, the World Economic Forum annual meeting for global political/business is in Davos in: Germany; Switzerland; USA; or Egypt? Switzerland
  8. The popular 21st century multi-colour and glitter style of food/drink/fashionwear is called: Chameleon; Unicorn; Peacock; or Budgerigar? Unicorn
  9. What Czech car company has a logo of a winged arrow: Lada; Skoda; Lancia; or Opel? Skoda
  10. Referring to its main source, the infectious disease psittacosis is better known as (What?) fever: Lion; Dog; Cat; or Parrot? Parrot
  11. Originally from Australia, oil from the melaleuca tree is better known as: Eucalyptus; Tea-tree; Spearmint; or Lavender? Tea-tree
  12. A smartphone/web emoji character is typically how many pixels square: 2x2; 12x12; 72x72; or 6200x6200? 12x12
  13. The Zatopek phenomenon refers to 'tapering' theory in: Candle making; Financial planning; Distance running; or Root vegetable cultivation? Distance running (after Czech middle distance Olympic champion Emil Zatopek, hospitalized with illness for two weeks until two days before winning the 1950 European Games 10,000m, and later the 5,000m - which supports the theory of reducing training significantly, i.e., 'tapering' before middle/long distance races)
  14. In neon lamps, tubes, advertising signs, etc., the neon gas typically glows; Greenish-blue; White; Yellow; or Reddish-orange? Reddish-orange
  15. British businesswoman/philanthropist Rachael Heyhoe-Flint (1939-2017) was initially a pioneering: Brain surgeon; Astronaut; Cricketer; or Mathematician? Cricketer
  16. Akutaq, pemmican, tolkusha, jerky and biltong are ancient international variants of: Woven fabric; Dried survival food; War dance; or Hieroglyphic language? Dried survival foods
  17. What acronym commonly refers to the US President's wife: WOTAP; TWOTAP; FLOTUS; or TUSAWOP? FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States)
  18. Spell the word (meaning worn-out/ruined): Decrepid; Decreped; Dicrepped; or Decrepit? Decrepit
  19. Sriracha, named after the coastal city Si Racha in Thailand, is a: Seaside wind; Chili sauce; Coarse building sand; or Two-person surf-board? Chili sauce (typically for seafood)
  20. The LED light acronym stands for: Low; Light; Lumens; Energy; Emitting; Edison; Diffuser; Diode or Duplex? (three words required) Light Emitting Diode


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