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quizballs 449 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Over 90% of the world's fishery and aquaculture workers are in: Africa; The Caribbean; Asia; or Iceland? Asia
  2. In December 2016 Bill English became the 39th Prime Minister of: Ireland; Canada; New Zealand; or France? New Zealand
  3. Which profession takes the Hyppocratic Oath: Lawyers; Accountants; Medical doctors; or Policemen/women? Medical doctors (named after ancient Greek physician Hyppocrates)
  4. Brass is an alloy of which two of: Copper; Iron; Zinc; Lead; or Tin? (two answers required) Copper and Zinc
  5. Lebanese-American Kahlil Gibran's remarkable best-selling 1923 book of 26 'life-guiding' fables is called The: Sun; Tree; Prophet; or Answer? Prophet
  6. The famous royal photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones (1930-2017) is better known as Lord: Byron; Haw-Haw; Snooty; or Snowdon? Snowdon
  7. The Centre Block (French: Édifice du Centre) is the main parliamentary building of: Canada; France; Switzerland; or Argentina? Canada
  8. Gala pie, a variation of traditional British pork pie, includes a (typically long) hard boiled: Carrot; Banana; Egg; or Eel? Egg (the 'long egg' - so as to give a consistent circular section per slice - is made by separating whites from yolks and cooking in tubular sections)
  9. Alluding to early-1900s cost of a UK marriage licence, what bingo call number is traditionally "Was she worth it?": 49; 76; 10; or 22? 76 ('seven and six' i.e., seven shillings and sixpence)
  10. What nation in 2016 began offering payment to soccer players more than double European rates: USA; China; India; or Russia? China
  11. What metal, whose modern production is exceeded only by iron, was more expensive than gold until the 1880s, and is named fom Latin 'bitter salt': Copper; Aluminium; Zinc; or Silver? Aluminium (or US-English spelling Aluminum)
  12. An autoclave typically uses (What?) for (What purpose?): Human breath; Sunlight; Pressurized steam; Sterilization; Music amplification; or Plant cultivation? (two answers required) Pressurized steam for Sterilization
  13. What rhesus-negative blood type is traditionally considered a universal replacement for all other types: A; B; O; or AB? O (modern science considers this a less reliable assumption, with various complications, than historically)
  14. The emblem of four arrowhead 'V' shapes joined at their points is known as a (What?) cross: Celtic; Iron; St George's; or Maltese? Maltese
  15. After typhoon Nock-ten/Nina (25 Dec 2016), which nation's President Rodgrigo Duterte reportedly threatened to throw corrupt officials out of a helicopter: Malta; Mexico; The Philippines; or Spain? The Philippines
  16. The biggest grossing musical movie ever (at 2016) is: West Side Story; Grease; The Sound of Music; or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Grease
  17. Elisabeth Beresford's series of children's novels from 1968 is: The Wombles; The Magic Roundabout; Thomas the Tank Engine; or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The Wombles
  18. Turkish-Cypriot tycoon Asil Nadir's vast corporation which crashed after fraud investigation in 1990 was: Top Deck; Stiff Neck; Polly Peck; or Ship Wreck? Polly Peck
  19. The BBC stopped using (What?) in 2006, a main feature of its TV broadcast branding since 1953: Sea; Globe; Transmission tower; or Big Ben? Globe
  20. Which two of these are not among the 'Seven Deadly Sins' (derived from Christian tradition): Pride; Greed; Lust; Envy; Dishonesty; Gluttony; Wrath (anger); Sloth; or Wastage? (two answers required) Dishonesty and Wastage


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