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quizballs 448 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Popular in Japan for 2000 years until about 1870, Ohaguro is the practice of people painting their (What?) black: Hair; Fingernails; Feet; or Teeth? Teeth
  2. Spell the male reproductive system gland: Postate; Prostate; Postrate; or Prostrate? Prostate
  3. The famous early-1900s blues singer and 12-string guitarist is '(What?) Belly': Pork; Fat; Pot; or Lead? Lead (born Huddie William Ledbetter, 1889-1949)
  4. What chemical element's symbol derives from its Latin name 'plumbum': Gold; Copper; Iron; or Lead? Lead (Pb)
  5. Which one of these is not a Womble: Bulgaria; Tobermory; Orinoco; Mackintosh; or Wellington? Mackintosh
  6. Which one of these is not among the four literary Brontë siblings: Charlotte; Emily; Anne; Beverley; or Branwell? Beverley (Branwell was the less famous artist/writer brother)
  7. What litter on UK beaches reduced by 36% in a year after a usage levy was introduced in 2015: Polystyrene cups; Fast-food boxes; Chewing gum; or Plastic carrier bags? Plastic carrier bags
  8. The US term 'goober, (from 'nguba' of Kikongo African slave language) means a: Warm beer; Thankless task; Peanut; or Cheerleader accident? Peanut
  9. The term "a baker's dozen" refers to the number: 10; 11; 12; or 13? 13 (said derived from the old practice of bakers supplying an extra loaf, i.e., 13 rather than 12, for trade orders of a dozen, so as to avoid any risk of short-supply error/complaints)
  10. Globally in the mid-1800s, infant mortality under five years of age was: 2%; 5%; 10%; or 40%? 40%
  11. Dutch-born Colonel Tom Parker (born Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk, 1909-97) controversially managed/exploited: Vincent van Gogh; Pele; Abba; or Elvis Presley? Elvis Presley
  12. Categorize each of these as technically (botanically) either fruit or vegetable: Rhubarb; Avocado; Cucumber; Tomato; Pumpkin? Rhubarb is a Vegetable - whereas Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato, and Pumpkin are Fruit
  13. FIFA announced in 2017 that the number of team places at the 2026 World Cup Finals would increase from (What? to What?): 16; 32; 48; 64; or 128? (two answers required) 32 to 48
  14. In 2017, 749-yr lease ownership of a 12-seater 'Grand Tier Box' was being sold for offers over £2.5million at: The Royal Albert Hall; Wimbledon Tennis Club; Old Trafford (Manchester United); or Stringfellows? The Royal Albert Hall
  15. Used for jewellery, and mainly in automotive catalytic converters, the most expensive metal of modern times (reaching $10,000/oz in 2008) is: Gold; Platinum; Rhodium; or Zinc? Rhodium (the price is highly volatile depending on automotive demand, and has been less than gold when the automotive sector is depressed)
  16. In 1963 the owner of the Washington Post, Philip Graham, described (What?) as "...the first rough draft of history that will never be completed about a world we can never understand..." : The World Wide Web; The United Nations; The Holy Bible; or Newspapers? Newspapers
  17. Which one of these does not hibernate or go into a winter torpor: Bears; Bats; Snakes; Bees; or Tigers? Tigers
  18. Antonio Guterrez headed which two of the following (1995-2002, and 2017- ): The EU; Portugal; The United Nations; FIFA; or Canada? (two answers required) Portugal (Prime Minister) and The United Nations (Secretary-General)
  19. "I nearly bought a clock today but it wasn't the right time..." is a: Pun; Misnomer; Spoonerism; or Tautology? Pun (see lots more clever and funny puns)
  20. Match these six coin emblems to the national versions of the 1 Euro coin: Eagle; Owl and olive branch; Two swans; Mozart; Tree of life; Harp - Greece; Austria; Ireland; France; Finland; Germany? Eagle-Germany, Owl and olive branch-Greece, Two swans-Finland, Mozart-Austria, Tree of life-France, Harp-Ireland


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