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quizballs 447 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'Ganbei' ('empty your glass') is which nation's equivalent to 'Cheers': Germany; Denmark; China; or Australia? China
  2. The Nespresso coffee machine was 'spotted' and championed commercially by: Prince Charles; Richard Branson; James Dyson; or George Clooney? George Clooney
  3. Nocturnal Hyperhidrosis is the clinical term for: Night sweats; Nightmares; Sleepwalking; or Bedwetting? Night sweats
  4. In 2017 a picture of Bologna's statue of Neptune was banned accidentally for sexual offensiveness by: The BBC; The Vatican; The EU; or Facebook? Facebook
  5. Kudos, as implied by its Anglicized meaning, is Greek for: Fame; Money; Praise; or Bravery? Praise
  6. The modern investment scam, outlawed in many countries, encouraging very fast all-or-nothing stock movement gambles is called (What?) Options Trading: Single; Binary; Tertiary; or Multiple? Binary
  7. The founding/owning family of the eponymous DC Comics publishers (eg The Beano) is: Johnson; Davidson; Thomson; or Dennison? Thomson
  8. A decoy, and a police informant, is called a Stool: Dog; Cat; Pigeon; or Turtle? Pigeon (derived from the use of pigeons as lures in falconry or bird-trapping etc., in which the word was probably stall or stale, referring to the bird/lure, rather than the pigeon actually fixed to a stool, as some suggest)
  9. The Shawshank Redemption is a film adaptation of a story by: William Shakespeare; Charles Dickens; Jeffrey Archer; or Stephen King? Stephen King
  10. Hasidic, and the broader Haredi, refer to a strictly-orthodox type of: Catholicism; Judaism; Buddhism; or Vegetarianism? Judaism
  11. The Sci-Fi device for attracting one object to another, typically in space, (and actually created microscopically in the 2010s) is called a (What?) beam: Projector; Tractor; Pulsar; or Laser? Tractor
  12. Who replaced Donald Trump on The Apprentice US TV show: Sylvester Stallone; Arnold Schwarzenegger; GW Bush; or Arianna Huffington? Arnold Schwarzenegger
  13. Billie Holliday's haunting 1939 song about US racism and lynchings is Strange: World; Ways; Days; or Fruit? Fruit
  14. What French fencing term acknowledges a good point made by an opponent in a one-to-one discussion: Allez; Touché; En garde; or Salute? Touché (literally, 'touched' - in fencing an ackowledgement that you have been hit by your opponent's sword)
  15. Which one of these is not among the Chinese 'Five Elements' or forces of nature: Wood; Fire; Bone; Water Earth; or Metal? Bone
  16. Telling half-truths or giving statements which evade the truth, as often practised by politicians and business-people, etc., is: Haltering; Paltering; Faltering; or Altering? Paltering (to palter - which has been revived in modern language - is originally a 1500s word meaning babble or mumble, which came to mean distort or obscure truth or integrity of speech or action)
  17. The 12-14th century European order of powerful wealthy men, which developed from Christian pilgrimage is the "(What?) Templar": Barons; Lords; Knights; or Monks? Knights (The Knights Templar, when at their peak of power, were effectively answerable only to monarchs, and are considered by many to be the first multi-national power organisation, outside of traditional monarchies and empires)
  18. Agent Provocateur is a famous brand of: Cigars; Ice-cream; Lingerie; or Work-boots? Lingerie
  19. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are set in: Discworld; Dark Matter; Middle Earth; or Russia? Middle Earth
  20. After more than 2,000 years of state control, in 2017 China allowed commercial distribution of: Rice; Ice; Salt; or Alcohol? Salt


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