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quizballs 446 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Nordic appetizer gravlax is raw: Bacon; Salmon; Reindeer; or Seagull? Salmon
  2. Which one of these was not among the first search engines: AltaVista; Infoseek; TopBanana; Yahoo; WebCrawler, or Lycos? TopBanana
  3. The currencies: Korean Won, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan all mean literally: Gold; Paper; Rice; or Round shape? Round shape
  4. Guan is Chinese pottery whose glazing is: Gold; Blue and white; Fish-themed; or Cracked? Cracked
  5. A Conestoga is a heavy 1700-1800s (What?) used by Eastern US pioneers: Shotgun; Wagon; Building sand; or Flour? Wagon (a very robust 6 ton wagon, named after Conestoga Township/River, Pennsylvania, in turn after the Conestoga Native American tribe)
  6. Who married his co-star Lauren Bacall in 1945 after the films To Have and Have Not and The Big Sleep: Frank Sinatra; Humphrey Bogart; John Wayne; or Wayne Sleep? Humphrey Bogart
  7. In Victorian England a 'pure finder' was a street collector of (What?) for the leather tanning industry: Rain water; Rotten vegetables; Broken glass; or Dog poo? Dog poo
  8. When we hear an explosion three miles away, it happened roughly how long ago: 1 second; 3 seconds; 5 seconds or 14 seconds? 14 seconds (this varies slightly with temperature, humidity, and altitude)
  9. Sonar (originally an acronym) commonly refers to detection using: Light; Sound; X-Ray; or Nuclear fission? Sound (the word Sonar derives from SOund Navigation And Ranging - see lots more fascinating acronyms)
  10. Caulking, originally in boat/shipbuilding, extending to boilermaking and construction, is: Bribery of officials; Paying workers in cash; Filling joints and cracks; or Holiday for brass band duty? Filling joints and cracks (especially water-sealing between boards, and sealing of gaps)
  11. What dish meant originally a white food: Custard; Blancmange; Trifle; or Yoghurt? Blancmange (from French 'white eat', meaning white food)
  12. Baron Hardup is whose pantomime father: Sleeping Beauty; Snow White; Cinderella; or Widow Twanky? Cinderella
  13. Standardized pieces of text inserted into contracts/computer code are called: Ticker-tape; Copy-type; Boilerplate; or Sticky label? Boilerplate
  14. A doppelganger is someone's: Double; Role-model; Stage persona; or Arch enemy? Double (or lookalike, typically fictional paranormal, and an imitator or substitute making mischief - the word is from German meaning 'double-goer')
  15. Called 'wash' by Victorians, a common laundry/cleaning solution for 2,000 years before detergents, was matured: Beer; Cheese; Human urine; or Coal dust? Human urine (the Romans had a special tax for it called Vectigal Urinae, Latin for Urine Tax)
  16. Cape Dutch, originating 1700s, is a traditional term for the: Port of Amsterdam; Judge's robe; Afrikaans language; or Granny Smith apple? The Afrikaans language (from Dutch settlers in South Africa and Namibia, and to a lesser extent, Botswana and Zimbabwe. drawing also from Portuguese, German and local tribal words)
  17. The famous website ranking and analytics company noted for its toolbar, bought by Amazon in 1999, is called: Snopes; Alexa; Yell; or Go? Alexa
  18. The post-Roman, German settlers of England are called: Angles; Norse; Gauls; or Normans? Angles (hence the names England, and Anglo-Saxon, a merger between the Germanic Angles and Saxons)
  19. Emesis refers to expulsion from a: Bar; Church; School; or Stomach? Stomach (i.e., vomiting)
  20. The brand Reebok is Afrikaans for the grey rhebok, which is an African: Waterfall; Wind; Antelope; or Jumping ant? Antelope


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