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quizballs 444 - free christmas and new year quiz - questions and answers


  1. For children's letters to Santa Claus/Father Christmas, Canada allocates the postcode: SANTA; XMAS; NTH POLE; or HO HO HO? HO HO HO (technically HOH OHO)
  2. Put these best selling toys in order, oldest first: Furby, Game Boy, Wii, Pogs? Game Boy, Pogs, Furby, Wii
  3. The Indian term Bada Din for Christmas means: Baby Jesus; Big day; Snow; or Eat Drink and Be Merry? Big Day
  4. Ilex (ilex) is the scientific name for: Holly; Ivy; Christmas tree; or Christmas pudding? Holly
  5. The 1857 Christmas song 'Jingle Bells' was originally titled (from the lyric) 'One Horse Open (What?)': Way; Sleigh; House; or Wide? Sleigh  
  6. What popularly misunderstood 16th century word derives from the 22nd Greek letter 'Chi' as an abbreviation for Christ: Yule; Tinsel; Xmas or Chimney? Xmas (Chi equates to the letter X, standing for the Greek word Χριστός, meaning Christ - and so Xmas is not a secular or disrespectful word - it literally translates as 'Christ Mass')
  7. Hoffman's famous 1816 Christmas story 'Nussknacker und Mausekönig' is the (What?) and the (What?): Nutcracker; Pie-maker; Milk-shaker; Fairy Queen; Mouse King; or Time Lord? (two answers required) Nutcracker and the Mouse King
  8.  The Scandinavian 'Julbock', is a: Sunny Christmas day; Yule Goat; Calendar; or Bedtime story about snow? Yule Goat
  9.  Buttons is a character in the pantomime: Goldilocks; Cinderella; Aladdin; or The Wizard of Oz? Cinderella
  10. "The stars in the night sky looked down where he lay.." is from the Christmas carol: We Three Kings; Away in a Manger; Little Donkey; O Come All Ye Faithful? Away in a Manger
  11. A snowflake is a chemical compound with the formula: H2O; H2SO4; CO2; or O3 ? H2O
  12. The Northern hemisphere's Winter Solstice (c.21st Dec) is the day of the lowest: Temperature; Daylight hours; Industrial productivity; or Road traffic levels? Daylight hours (the highest daylight hours in the Southern Hemisphere)
  13. Western Christian Advent starts on the Sunday closest to: 31 Oct; 30 Nov; 6 Dec; or 12 Dec? 30 Nov
  14. 20th/21st century 'Babes in the Wood' pantomimes typically include characters from: Romulus and Remus; Robin Hood; Romeo and Juliet; or Tarzan? Robin Hood
  15. Born Christmas Day 1908, iconic author of The Naked Civil Servant is popularly called: Ernest Hemingway; Stephen King; Quentin Crisp; or Enid Blyton? Quentin Crisp (born Denis Charles Pratt)
  16. The red Christmas plant Poinsettia came originally from: China; Scotland; Mexico; or Australia? Mexico
  17. Boney M's 1978 hit song Mary's Boy Child was originally a hit in 1957 for Harry: Connick; Belafonte; Secombe; or Houdini? Belafonte
  18. Marzipane is made from sugar, egg whites, and ground: Aniseed; Licorice; Almond; or Dried banana? Almond
  19. Florida and Arizona both have towns called: Christmas; Santa; Yule Log; or Stockingfiller? Christmas
  20. Brandy is a distillation of: Wine; Tequila; Cider; or Whisky? Wine
  21. A champagne coupe (saucer-shaped glass) is commonly believed moulded from whose breast: Cleopatra; Marie Antoinette; Marilyn Monroe; or Henry VIII? Marie Antoinette
  22. The first conventional (non-experimental) UK mobile phone call was made on New Year's Day: 1975; 1985; or 1995? 1985 (by comedian Ernie Wise)
  23. Bankrupt businessman George Bailey played by James Stewart features in the uplifting Christmas film - It's a Wonderful: Christmas; World; Life; or Turkey? Life
  24. The leading girl and dog in The Wizard of Oz are (which two of these): Debbie; Daphne; Dorothy; Daisy; Lassie; Nana; Toto; or Cujo? Dorothy and Toto
  25. Confusingly December is named after the Roman (Latin) calendar's month: Nine; Ten; Eleven; or Thirteen? Ten (Latin, decem - it was the tenth month of the early Roman calendar)
  26. The two islands called Christmas Island, (one is also officially now called Kiritimati) are in which two seas/oceans: Red; Mediterranean; Pacific; or Indian? (two answers required) Pacific and Indian
  27. Australian 'White Christmas', made of coconut, rice, and dried fruit is a popular Christmas: Cake; Cocktail; Breakfast cereal; or Massage balm? Cake
  28. Hans Christian Andersen's 1845 Christmas story 'Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerneis' is the 'The Little (What?) (What?)': Tin; Match; Melting; Girl; Boy; Pig; or Snowman? (two answers required) Match Girl (Danish 'Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerneis' meaning 'The Little Girl with the Matchsticks')
  29. National 'founding father' Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Birthday on 25th December is a celebration in: Cuba; Pakistan; Ukraine; or Japan? Pakistan (he is also known as Quaid-e-Azam)
  30. Who is said to have given Frankincense to the baby Jesus: Balthazar; Noah; Mary; or Moses? Balthazar
  31. The popular 2000 film is called 'The (What?) Who Stole Christmas': Ghost; Witch; Grinch; or Pantomime Horse? Grinch
  32. Poult is another word for a baby: Pig; Turkey; Potato; or Carrot? Turkey
  33. The drink Babycham features the logo of a: Snowman; Fawn; Piglet; or Tadpole? Fawn (technically a chamois deer, characterized to look babyish and fawnlike - and this is seemingly the origin of the name, although presumably the pun with champagne was part of the thinking too)
  34. The Christmas carol is 'I Saw (How many?) Ships': Three; Six; Ten; or Five-Thousand? Three
  35. Which Christmas plant has ancient pagan associations with fertility, and more recently with kissing: Mistletoe; Poinsettia; Rose; or Sage: Mistletoe
  36. Someone mean with money is named after the central character in 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, called Ebenezer: Miser; Skinflint; Cheapskate; or Scrooge? Scrooge
  37. The popular Christmas song Walking in the Air is from the film: The Nightmare Before Christmas; Die Hard; The Snowman; or Superman? The Snowman
  38. Bing Crosby's Christmas hit song is 'Little (What?) Boy': Baby; Naughty; Drummer; or Bugle? Drummer
  39. People born on 25 December have the astrological sign of: Leo; Sagitarius; Virgo; or Capricon? Capricon
  40. The Christmas leftover's mashed fried food called 'bubble and squeak' traditionally comprises which two of: Turkey; Bacon; Potato; Brussels sprouts; or Sherry trifle? Potato and Brussels sprouts


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