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quizballs 442 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A sudden void into which roads/buildlings can disappear due to water erosion beneath is called a: Craterfall; Sinkhole; Tarmacavity; or Moneypit? Sinkhole (also called a cenote, sink, shakehole, swallet, swallow hole, doline - and other variations - which feature in geology outside of towns too)
  2. In November 2016 at Bray Lake, UK, Simon Berry set a world record of 240'10" (73.4m) for the highest: Water-ski jump; Pebble skim bounce; Fishing rod line cast; or Bungee biscuit-tea dunk? Bungee biscuit-tea dunk (a Chocolate Hobnob biscuit in a mug of tea - at his 15th attempt)
  3. The German term 'Struw-Welpeter' (Shock-Headed Peter) refers to: Surprise; Headache; ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy); or Uncombable frizzy hair? Uncombable frizzy hair (typically an inherited/genetic hair type)
  4. Sir Edward Landseer's famous 1851 painting 'The Monarch of the Glen' is a: Butterfly; Stag; Lion; or Bagpiper? Stag (Red deer)
  5. Fillet of lamb and chump chops come from a sheep's: Breast; Back leg; Neck; or Back? Back leg
  6. Chutzpah is a Jewish-originating word meaning: Stress; Audacity; Talent; or Jewellery? Audacity
  7. (What?) emerged in 2016 from (What?) with massive success, as a flagship for Amazon Prime (two answers required): Sex in the City; Cheers; Grand Tour; Big Brother; Top Gear; Fox News; MASH? Grand Tour emerged from Top Gear (in the shape of presenters Clarkson, Hammond, and May)
  8. From 1967 what global standard was based on the natural oscillations of an atom of Caesium: Time; Distance; Motion; or Light? Time (e.g., the measurement of a second, and thereby minute, hour etc.)
  9. Stableford, wedge, albatross, apron, and borrow are terms in: Commodity trading; Golf; Steam engines; or Printing? Golf
  10. Lapis Lazuli is a vivid (What?) (What?) (two answers required): Blue; Red; Yellow; Butterfly; Gemstone; or Sunset? Blue Gemstone
  11. Cuban nationalist leader Fidel Castro (1926-2016) was a: Social-Democrat; Conservative-Capitalist; Marxist-Leninist; or Buddhist-Environmentalist? Marxist-Leninist
  12. What sort of cells have a synapse, axon terminal, and dendrites: Lithium battery; Human nerve; Medieval dungeon; or Mobile phone communications? Human nerve
  13. Who dominated 300-200BC Europe, and much longer Galicia, Brittany, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland: Tatars; Celts; Romans; or Cossacks? Celts (Galicia in NW Spain and Brittany in NW France retain Celtic culture/language to varying degrees, and Ireland/Wales/Scotland more so)
  14. Trinidad is how far from where (two answers required): 11km; 110km; 1100km; Egypt; Venezuela; or Florida? 11km from Venezuela
  15. What sort of bow has a frog, heel, and screw: Archery; Log-saw; Necktie; or Violin? Violin
  16. Pater Noster is commonly translated to mean: Life imprisonment; Pizza dough; The Lord's Prayer; or The common cold? The Lord's Prayer (Our Father)
  17. The surnames Roberts, Evans, Jones, Williams, Davies and Thomas tend to indicate ancestry from: Australia; Wales; Scandinavia; or Bohemia? Wales
  18. A Mafia chief, a university lecturer, and Spanish gentleman is a: Dom; Don; Ron; Rod? Don (Spanish for lord/master)
  19. A poker hand of all cards in the same suit is called a: Flush; Straight; Full house; or Fold? Flush
  20. A griffin or gryphon is a mythical hybrid 'king of the beasts' respectively of (top and bottom, two answers required): Eagle; Dragon; Man; Lion; or Elephant? Eagle and Lion


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