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quizballs 441 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A murmuration refers to a flock of: Magpies; Crows; Starlings; or Seagulls? Starlings
  2. Linn, Bose, Cyrus, and Bang & Olufsen are makers of equipment for: Kitchens; Work-stations; Hi-Fi; or Gardeners? Hi-Fi
  3. Austrian Erwin Schrödinger and German Max Planck are notable scientists in: Anthropology; Quantum mechanics; Economics; or Cookery? Quantum mechanics (fundamental physics entailing atoms and photons, etc)
  4. Bergamot, the oil from young Seville oranges, provides the distinctive taste/smell of: Lucozade; Jaffa cakes; Earl Grey tea; or Gin? Earl Grey tea
  5. The word valediction equates to: Hello; Goodbye; Yes; or No? Goodbye (from Latin vale, goodbye and dicere, to say)
  6. Re-order these territories - earliest to last - in terms of European colonialization (14th-19th centuries): Asia, Africa,The Americas? The Americas, Asia, and lastly Africa
  7. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick are: Manchester United footballers; Australian prime ministers; South Park cartoon characters; or American TV weather forecasters? South Park cartoon characters
  8. How many four-letter country names contain three dotted letters (i and j): None; One; Five or or Twelve? One (Fiji)
  9. The famous educational online TED talks that are 'independently organized TED events' are called: TEDi; TEDe; TEDx; or TEDbare? TEDx
  10. What famous snack foods brand was named acronimically from the National Biscuit Company? Nabisco
  11. What traditionally characterizes the 'stout' variety of beer: Super-strength and yellow; Dark and strong; Headless and bubble-free; or Sweet and fruity? Dark and strong
  12. In communications science UHF and VHF stand respectively for Very and Ultra: Hygienic Framework; High Frequency; Hexagonal Form; or Happy Family? High Frequency (VHF and UHF are longstanding terms for wavelength ranges used in TV and radio and other common transmit/receive technologies)
  13. Evaporation is the process in which a (What?) becomes a (What?) (two answers required): Liquid; Solid; Gaseous substance; or Plasma? Liquid to Gaseous substance (e.g., water into water vapour/vapor)
  14. Named after an example corporation, a business model shift using internet technology to connect directly many suppliers with many customers is called: Uberisation; Youtubation; Amazation; or Googlation? Uberisation (Uber is the famous online taxi-hire corporation that enables users to find taxis - the Uberisation model tends to exploit substantial existing spare capacity of supply, nearness or locality of suppliers in relation to customer need, ease of search/booking, and user ratings, for example also Airbnb. The model is a threat to intermediary distributors/agencies in most supply chains and will continue to develop during the 21st century - banks beware.. Note that the Uber corporation has been subject to legal consideration of the employment status of taxi drivers, which potentially compromises Uber's 'Uberisation' model if Uber taxi-drivers are deemed employees rather than self-employed, which would increase Uber costs and remove a key element of Uberisation, being the independence of suppliers)
  15. Zhōngguó (meaning 'central nation-state') is the official name of: Japan; China; India; or Mexico? China (the full official name, meaning 'People's Republic of China' is Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó, in Chinese pinyin language)
  16. Originally from Greek 'bous' ox, and boukolos, herdsman, 'bucolic' refers to: Countryside; Meat; Milk; or Indigestion? Countryside (implying pleasurable aspects of countryside and country lifestyle)
  17. A Victorian 'coupe', reportedly first moulded from Marie Antoinette's left breast for her husband Louis XVI's birthday, is a: Fruit bowl; Champage glass; Military helment; or Stiff beret? Champagne glass (the traditional shallow design, as used for desserts too, called a coupe, from French meaning goblet)
  18. German army veteran Eric Maria Remarque's brilliant 1928 book about the First World War, which in 1930 became a classic Best Picture Oscar film, is 'All (What?) on the Western Front": Guns; Men; Quiet; or Over? Quiet (All Quiet on the Western Front remains one of the most brilliant books ever written, and films ever made, about the horrors of war. If you've not read it or seen it, and you love classic books and films, then perhaps buy a copy - note that the original 1930 film won Best Picture Oscar - the 1979 movie remake is good and award-winning, but is not a classic. The book is extraordinary. The links to Amazon produce a small commission that goes towards running this website, thank you. )
  19. The popular recently Anglicized Danish/Norwegian word 'hygge' (pronounced roughly 'hew-gha') refers to a broad notion of: Love; Comfort; Dancing; or Extreme sports? Comfort (notably 'hygge' is a noun or describing word for environments/activities/things that produce feelings of cosiness, safety, warmth and positive wellbeing - 'hygge' is subjective however a common example is sitting in front of a log fire, with a good book, with a nice drink and snacks, or doing some other relaxing activity - 'hygge' was the Collins Dictionary runner-up word of the year 2016, after 'Brexit')
  20. Dale Carnegie's 1936 best-selling book about business and life is called "How to (What?) and Influence People": Make Money; Be Happy; Win Friends; or Bake Cakes? Win Friends (with a little interpretation its lessons still apply for the modern age - Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold over 30million copies and generally appears high in lists of the most influential and best books of all time - incidentally that is a link to an Amazon page which will bring a little commission to this website if anyone buys from it - this commission goes towards the Businessballs website's running/development costs, so thank you)


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