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quizballs 439 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Township Jazz is a major musical style from: Mexico; South Africa; Poland; or Belgium? South Africa
  2. The popular Spanish native black wine-grape variety Tempranillo typically makes: Valpolicella; Rioja; Burgundy; or Beaujolais? Rioja
  3. A geometric two-dimensional shape with straight sides connecting as a continuous edge is a: Paragon; Tarragon; Polygon; or Flagon? Polygon
  4. The four pieces that start on a chessboard at A1, A8, H1 and H8 are all: Pawns; Castles; Knights; or Queens? Castles (also called Rooks)
  5. The famous Russian 3-stringed triangular bodied musical instrument is a: Bouzouki; Saz; Balalaika; or Ukulele? Balalaika
  6. A modern term for marketing that is probably too good to be true (e.g., many 'get rich quick' schemes) is: Pretty twinkling stars; Bright shiny objects; Brilliant sparkly things; or Super furry animals? Bright shiny objects
  7. The hugely popular Chinese website Taobao.com equates to a western combination of: Wikipedia/Craigslist; Ebay/Amazon; Twitter/Facebook; or Youtube/Snapchat? Ebay/Amazon
  8. The letter W is unique in the periodic table, for (What metal element?) from the mineral Wolfram, whose name is 'heavy stone' in Swedish: Ytterbium; Krypton; Tungsten; or Bismuth? Tungsten
  9. Considered a healthy 'superfood', edamame (pronounced 'ed-er-marmi'), are immature: Chickens; Coconuts; Soya beans; or Ants? Soya beans (in pods)
  10. British poet Lord Byron famously had a deformity of the: Spine; Left hand; Right foot; or Nose? Right foot (historically but not necessarily accurately interpreted as a club foot, or technically Congenital Talipes Equinovarus)
  11. A cantilever is a horizontally extending construction that is supported: From above; At one end only; At the middle; or By air pressure? At one end only
  12. Dukakis, Bush, Dole, and Kerry are all: African teas; Irish counties; Australia's highest mountains; or US Presidential election losers? US Presidential election losers
  13. What changed shape in 2016, having remained the same since its inception in 1908: The human DNA model; The official rugby ball; UK £5 note; or Toblerone? Toblerone (the iconic chocolate bar increased the spacing between its triangular blocks)
  14. The letter D turns what fruit into something wearable: Kiwi; Plum; Grape; or Banana? Banana (into bandana, a neckerchief, often worn on the head, alternatively spelled bandanna)
  15. Trudeau is a leading political and business family name in: France; Canada; Morocco; or Brazil? Canada
  16. Dowsing rods are used for: Parliamentary ceremonies; Drain clearance; Divination; or Making little glass ornaments and animals? Divination (especially finding water or minerals underground - dowsing is the hypothesized use of extrasensory perception, and usually a pair of L-shaped rods or a Y-shaped twig, which are suggested to move when 'reacting' to water or some other presence being detected by the user, or 'dowser')
  17. The African evergreen Rooibos (red bush) plant is used for making: Rum; Tea; Canoes; or Horses jump better? Tea (Red Bush Tea)
  18. What is a million divided by 40: 16,000, 72,000, 25,000, or 250,000? 25,000
  19. Haruki Murakami is a world-renowned Franz Kafka Prize-winning Japanese: Mountain trail; Tokyo Restaurant; Acrobat; or Novelist? Novelist
  20. Much the Miller's Son, Will Scarlet, and Alan-a-Dale are characters from: Treasure Island; Robin Hood: The Canterbury Tales; or A Midsummer Night's Dream? Robin Hood


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