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quizballs 434 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What two-letter word prefixes these to make five new words: Devil; Fore; Calm; Cause; Gin? Be
  2. A trug is a basket-like receptacle used by a: Cyclist; Gardener; Jeweller; or Dentist? Gardener
  3. Which of these is completely enclosed by the other three; Brazil; Argentina; Paraguay; Bolivia? Paraguay
  4. The Alsatian dog name refers to a region of which modern country: France; Germany; Italy; or Brazil? France (Alsace in NE France, bordering Germany and Switzerland)
  5. Tao (and Taoism/Daoism) the Chinese metaphysical/Buddhist philosophy of living in harmony with the natural order of the universe, means literally: Path; God; Bread; or Gold? Path
  6. Cyclamen is a group term referring to small: Greek islanders; Animated monsters; Flowering plants; or Tour de France breakaways? Flowering plants (Cyclamen is the plant genus)
  7. Roughly the Sun is what % of the Solar System's total mass: 10%; 25%; 50%; or 100%? 100% (technically about 99.86%)
  8. The German words for 'double-goer' give what Anglicized German word for a person's double, living or unreal, and typically misbehaving? Doppelganger
  9. The Jewish festival 'menorah' candelabrum typically holds how many candles: 8; 10; 12; or 37? 8
  10. Chicano (or Chicana/Xicano/Xicana) refers to mixed American and (What?) ethnicity: Mexican; Chinese; Irish; or Canadian? Mexican
  11. The Americanized word 'skillet' refers to a: Training course; Frying pan; Ice-skating trick; or Filleted flatfish? Frying pan (a skillet traditionally was a small long-handled cooking pot with legs)
  12. Symbiosis, referring to mutual dependence/cooperation of two organisims or creatures, means in Greek: Living together; Cannibalism; Debit-Credit; or Back-scratching? Living together
  13. Which of these are now registered Internet Top Level Domain extensions (alternatives to .com): .dad; .boo; .wtf; .shoes - None of them; Just .shoes; All except .wtf; or All of them? All of them
  14. Spell the modern common word meaning 'to bleed': Hemmorage; Hemorage; Hemhorage; or Hemorrhage? Hemorrhage (the older English version is haemorrhage)
  15. A theodolite is traditionally used by a: Fireman; Policeman; Surveyor; or Dance teacher? Surveyor (it's a movable telescope enabling the measurement of angles, and ultimately distances/mapping, etc., and modern applications far beyond surveying)
  16. Which sport features a playing surface of a 'chain' (22 yards) long and 10 feet wide: Cricket; Netball; Bowls; or Crazy Golf? Cricket (the cricket 'pitch', on which the ball is bowled to batsman/wicket - the field is the full playing area)
  17. From the early 21st century (What ferral pests?) were eradicated from (Where?) whose 4th plinth hosts large temporary sculptures: (two answers required): Rabbits; Cats; Pigeons; Bears; (eradicated from) The Coloseum; Trafalgar Square; St Peter's Square; or The Kremlin? Pigeons from Trafalgar Square
  18. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (author of Lord of the Rings, etc) was: English; Romanian; Russian; or Hobbit? English (from German immigrants of the 1700s, makers and sellers of clocks/watches/pianos)
  19. Vitis is better known as the fruit-drink plant genus: Orange; Grape; Blackcurrant; or Apple? Grape
  20. A demonym is a term for a (What?) from a particular (What?): Food; Person; Movement; Dance; Place; or Time (two answers required)? Person from a particular Place (or country, for example an African, a Briton, a German, or a New Yorker, or a Vancouverite - see demonym and other fascinating words)


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