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quizballs 429 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Technically, linen is made from: Flax; Wool; Feathers; or Oil? Flax
  2. What Indonesian-originating dried flower buds are traditionally stuck into an orange to make a pomander: Cloves; Cumin; Coriander; or Mustard? Cloves
  3. A macchiato is a type of: Judo throw; Espresso coffee; Hatchback car; or Closely trimmed beard? Espresso coffee (with a little steamed milk/foam)
  4. Pyrimidine dimer, a form of skin damage, is a technical consequence of: Foot blisters; Underwear chafing; Sunburn; or Carpet burns? Sunburn
  5. What is the largest planet in the Solar System: Jupiter; Mercury; Mars; or Earth? Jupiter
  6. Myrrh and Frankincense, of Biblical gift fame, are both aromatic/medicinal resins from: Squashed insects; Tree sap; Bird saliva; or Crushed bananas? Tree sap
  7. What drink is named from old German meaning swallow: Schnapps; Lager; Vodka; or Wine? Schnapps
  8. Popular on ceremonial and traditional military clothing, a Chinese frog, or 'frogging' is a: Holster; Sash; Brass button; or Braided fastener? Braided fastener
  9. The English tradition of wassailing/wasselling is singing carols for money, and also singing to (What?) to prompt healthy growth/productivity: Cows; Sheep; Cider-apple orchards; or Human babies? Cider-apple orchards
  10. Usually ceramic, used c.10,000-2,000BC, pithos and amphora are respectively large/smaller: Fireplaces; Storage containers; Roof tiles; or Swimming pools? Storage containers (round, wide-bodied, with carrying handles - an amphora might instead be called a Greek urn; a pithos may be tall as a person)
  11. The Afroasiatic language Coptic was which nation's until the 17th century: Egypt; Russia; Brazil; or China? Egypt
  12. The obelus symbol is commonly known as the (What?) sign in mathematics: Division; Multiplication; Addition; or Equals? Division
  13. A gauge from 14 (small) to 1 (medium) then to 000 (large) is used for: Knitting needles/pins; Aviation engines; European letterboxes; or Apples? Knitting needles/pins (US knitting pins)
  14. Litotes ('lie-toe-tees') refers to an ironic or understated expression using a: Weather feature; Double negative; Metaphorical animal; or Ridiculously high humber? Double negative (eg, "That's not bad..." or "It ain't half heavy.." or "I won't be sorry..." - see lots more interesting grammatical curiosities in the grammar and language glossary)
  15. What is the cube root of a million: 333,333; 100,000; 100; or 10? 100
  16. Liturgical refers to what quality: Purity; White; Black; or Religious worship? Religious worship
  17. What invertebrate is consistently proven to possess surprisingly high intelligence: Slug; Jellyfish; Leech; or Cuttlefish? Cuttlefish (notably The Royal Society published Chinese research in 2016 proving that cuttlefish, a squid/octopus cousin, can discern numbers 1-5 better than a 12mth human child)
  18. Playing music/video online in 'real time' without downloading it is called: Cascading; Brooking; Streaming; or Dripping? Streaming
  19. The 2010 3rd-placed X-Factor act manufactured by Simon Cowell to be a $billion global phenomenon is (What? What?): Street; One; X; S; Seven; Liberty; Direction; Heaven; or Club? One Direction
  20. The famous Italian/Latin saying, based on the Biblical quote ‘Seek and you shall find’ is: Cerca Trova; Et Cetera; Nota Bene; or Ad Lib? Cerca Trova (pronounced ‘cherka-trohva’ based on 'Seek and you shall find, from Matthew VII:vii. - download the free Cerca Trova poster and see and download more free motivational posters)


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