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quizballs 426 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. According to the popular saying, "Necessity is the mother of (What?)": Nature; Disaster; Invention; or Hungry children? Invention
  2. Pomerania (thought to be the Pomeranian dog's origins) is now largely in: Poland; Brazil; China; or Scotland? Poland
  3. What month and geographical feature appear in the name/branding of the 2016 Olympics: Mountain; River; or Volcano; and January; March; or September? River and January (the host city Rio de Janeiro, means River of January, is so named because Guanabara Bay, on whose coast lies Rio de Janeiro, was first seen by Europeans, notably by Portuguese explorer Gaspar de Lemos, on 1 January 1502)
  4. Vesper refers to (What sort of?) religious service: Morning; Evening; Winter; or Outdoor? Evening (Latin vesper means evening)
  5. Group these elements according to whether they formed Earth's core or crust: Silicon; Nickel; Aluminium/aluminum; Oxygen; Iron? Core = Iron and Nickel; Crust = Silicon, Aluminium/aluminum/ Oxygen
  6. What Anglicized French term, originally the front section of an army/naval force, describes new/experimental artistic ideas: A la carte; Avant-garde; Cordon bleu; or Vin de pays? Avant-garde
  7. 'Sparrow's kneecaps' and 'knots in cotton' are traditional UK-English slang for: Hailstones; Problems; Lumpy custard/gravy; or Small biceps? Small biceps (on a boy or man, said in fun)
  8. As suggested by its French meaning, decoupage ('day-cooparj') is decorating objects/furniture with (What?) and varnish: Feathers; Sand; Shells; or Paper/magazine cuttings? Paper/magazine cuttings
  9. Beeswax is produced by bees to make their: Honeycomb; Wings waterproof; Stings venomous; or Baby bee food? Honeycomb (the honeycomb is a mass wax cells to hold larvae and stores of honey and pollen)
  10. The cells of a honeycomb are generally: Triangular; Hexagonal; Square; or Circular? Hexagonal
  11. Spell the word which means an individual peculiarity in the way that someone/thing behaves: Idiocincrasy; Idiosyncracy; Idiosyncrasy; or Idiosincrasy? Idiosyncrasy
  12. Match these metric prefixes to their respective original Greek meanings: Mega, Giga, Tera - Monster, Great, Giant? Mega = Great, Giga = Giant, Tera = Monster (see lots more fascinating metric prefixes)
  13. Which two of these are technically/botanically defined as a berry: Strawberry; Raspberry; Avocado; Banana? Avocado and Banana (are berries - because botanically a berry grows from a flower with a single ovary, whereas strawberries and raspberries grow from flowers with several ovaries and so are defined as 'aggregate fruit')
  14. What typographical symbol was originally used (and may still be) to mark incorrect/obsolete text, and traditionally also the wicket-keeper in a cricket teamlist/scorecard, and in military history a commander killed in action: Bullet; Hash/pound; Dagger; or At sign? Dagger
  15. The human clinical condition 'edema' (also called oedema, dropsy, and hydropsy) generally occurs as what effect: Insomnia; Sweating; Swelling; or Uncontrollable laughter? Swelling (due to fluid build-up under skin, typically following trauma injury)
  16. US psychologist William Sheldon's 1940s Somatotype theory (Ectomorph/Mesomorph/Endomorph) became a popular academic correlation of human personality with: Sleep; Physique; Parenting; or Kissing? Physique (very basically, Ectomorph = thin/tall/reserved; Mesomorph = rugged/athletic/adventurous; Endomorph = short/soft/affectionate)
  17. Marie Rose, Thousand Island, and Russian dressings are broadly similar salad sauces typically containing which two of: Mint; Mayonnaise; Tomato; or Garlic? Mayonnaise and Tomato
  18. Match these six words to their respective meanings: Eulogy, Euphemism, Euphonium, Euphony, Euphoria, Euthanasia - Pleasing to the ear, Painless killing, Happiness, Polite alternative, Tribute, Small tuba? Eulogy = Tribute, Euphemism = Polite alternative, Euphonium = brass instrument like a small tuba, Euphony = Pleasing to the ear, Euphoria = happiness, Euthanasia = Painless killing (Note that these are not intended to be full definitions of these words)
  19. The Greek word/prefix 'eu' means: Well/good; Loud; Quiet; or Foreign? Well/good
  20. Which Russian novelist (1828-1910) and author of War and Peace wrote "The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him." Leo Tolstoy (or fully, Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy - see and download this Leo Tolstoy quote, and more free motivational posters)


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