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quizballs 425 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The leg and foot medical acronym RICE stands for: Rest, Ice, Compression, and: Evaporation; Elevation; Examination; or Evacuation? Elevation (treatment for many leg and foot injuries/ailments, especially traumas involving swelling - see the amusing RICE acronym in the acronyms glossary)
  2. Aspartame, Cyclomate, Isomalt and Sucralose are food additive: Colours/colors; Sweeteners; Minerals; or Orange flavours/flavors? Sweeteners
  3. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Mobilegeddon are: Batman villains; Google search algorithm updates; Beethoven operas; or Harley Davidson motorbikes? Google search algorithm updates
  4. The musical and spoken work Fidelio featuring only woodwind, brass, timpani, strings, and offstage trumpet is: Beethoven's only opera; A Genesis album; The longest running show in Broadway's history; or Youtube's most popular ever video? Beethoven's only opera
  5. The 9th century mathematician known as Al Kwarizme ('the Man of Kwarism', now Khiva, Uzbekistan) gave his name to a maths/computing process or a set of rules called: Algebra; Algorithm; Axiom; or Abacus? Algorithm (Al Kwarizme was properly named Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn Musa)
  6. What Yorkshire coastal town event gave its name to a medieval song adapted/popularized by Simon and Garfunkle, about two lovers issuing each other impossible tasks? Scarborough Fair
  7. Internecine refers to (What sort of?) destruction: Global; Mutual; Reputational; or Biblical? Mutual (eg, between two people, or among members of a group or organization or family)
  8. In music which two of these are respectively a very brief ornamental passing note (What?), and a very brief note of no pitch such as a stroke of a deadened string (What?): Phantom; Grace; Hoax; Ghost; or Silent? Grace and Ghost
  9. The bacterium Clostridium tetani causes the human muscle spasm disease Tetanus, commonly called: Stiffthumb; Lockjaw; Tensefoot; or Tightlip? Lockjaw (because that's where spasms typically begin)
  10. Which two of these refer respectively to malicious and well-intentioned computer hackers: Red cape; Black hat; Rubber glove; White hat; or Purple nose? Black hat and White hat
  11. Name the Asian country, the South American capital city, and Canadian province in the NATO phonetic alphabet (thee answers required)? India, Lima, Quebec
  12. What type of machine is classified by the relative positions of the fulcrum, effort and resistance: Lever; Pulley; Pump; or Turbine? Lever
  13. What ancient word for dysentery is also a flow of particles, magnetic field, a soldering aid, and means fluidity/change? Flux (from Latin fluxus, flow)
  14. Major, Small, Tiny, Soup Dragon, Iron Chicken, and Blue String Pudding appear in the popular Children's TV series: Tales of the Riverbank; The Clangers; Andy Pandy; or The Woodentops? The Clangers
  15. This is a 'trick' question: Irrespective of volume, human muscle weighs (What?) compared with human fat: The same; Less; More; or Twice as much? The same (in physics, weight = force x mass, so while human muscle is more dense than fat, and for a given volume muscle weighs more than fat - in fact the ratio is about 5:4, in fact fat, muscle, feathers, rocks, anything.. all 'weigh' the same - a kilo of feathers weighs the same as a kilo of rocks - this is of course a debatable concept, especially if considered in terms of Einstein's theory of relativity or quantum science and one examines the true meaning of matter - nevertheless, by conventional scientific interpretation, weight = force x mass - the 'Standard International' unit of measurement of mass is the kilogram; the force of gravity is assumed to be consistent for muscle and fat in the context of this question, therefore, unless there is a condition of equal volume - which there is not in this question - a kilo of fat 'weighs' the same as a kilo of muscle, just as a kilo of feathers weighs the same as a kilo of lead)
  16. The Brazilian Carnauba palm tree (called the Tree of Life) produces many materials including the "Queen of (What?)" from its leaf extract: Waxes; Tequilas; Beers; Toothpastes? Waxes (also called Carnauba wax, or Brazil wax - a high quality wax for furniture, foods, surfboards, cars, etc - the tree also produces materials/wood/fibre/fruit for hats, baskets, construction, cattle-feed, jelly, etc)
  17. What modern Western vegetable, elsewhere/historically purple and yellow, became orange in 17th century Holland, allegedly developed by the Dutch House of Orange? Carrot
  18. The Greek-derived prefix 'astro' refers to: Stars/celestial space; Speedy/fast; Vast/infinite; or Intelligence? Stars/Celestial space
  19. What fictional game is played for real for fun on a footbridge over a River Medway tributary in Posingford Wood in Ashdown Forest, Sussex, England? Poohsticks (as featured in Winnie the Pooh - sticks are dropped into the water to 'race' from one side of the bridge to the other - incidentally this book The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring the Real Landscapes of the Hundred Acre Wood tells beautifully - including many pictures never published before - of the real places and inspirations behind the writing of Winnie the Pooh - also incidentally that is a link to an Amazon page which will return a little commission to this website if anyone buys from it - this commission goes towards the Businessballs website's running/development costs, so thank you.)
  20. Which child diarist (1929-45) wrote - "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ? Anne Frank (see and download the free Anne Frank quote poster lots more free motivational posters)


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