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quizballs 423 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The cube root of 1 (one) is: A third; Three (3); 1 (one); or 100? 1 (one)
  2. The stone (from gypsum or calcite) used for indoor carvings/statues/ornaments, also called 'onyx-marble', is: Granite; Alabaster; Limestone; or Chalk? Alabaster
  3. Which president is on the US Purple Heart military medal? George Washington
  4. The Minor Arcana comprising swords, cups, batons (or wands/rods/staves), and coins (or pentacles/disks) is a popular form of what game/divination system? Tarot (Tarot cards - much less commonly/historically called trionfi, tarocchi, and tarock, all of which are acceptable answers - swords, cups, batons and coins are the four suits in a popular modern version of the cards)
  5. Penultimate means what in a series: First; Last; Second; or Second-to-last? Second-to-last (or last-but-one, or the one before last)
  6. Hiball, Tulip, Flute, and Tumbler are: Dancer's dresses; Drinking glasses; Poker variants; or New York Metro stations? Drinking glasses
  7. Developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, Reiki (pronounced 'ray-kee') is a method of: Fish cookery; Algebra; Alternative medicine; or Poetry? Alternative medicine
  8. In the expression 'a poisoned chalice', (a prestigious difficult responsibility with high personal risk), a chalice is a ceremonial: Robe; Goblet; Crown; or Sandwich? Goblet
  9. A kleptoparasite is a creature which does (What?) to other animals: Eats them; Buries them; Traps them in a web; or Steals and eats their food? Steals and eats their food
  10. Named after its camera vehicles, the 2016 video-mapping of the Faroe Islands is '(What?) View': Bike; Tractor; Trawler; or Sheep? Sheep ('Sheep View 360' - a growing video record of the island's countryside and views, is filmed by cameras on sheep - Sheep View is a successful publicity campaign for tourism, and attempts also persuade Google to bring its Street View mapping to the islands)
  11. Devised by Alan Turing in 1950, the Turing test is a test of (What?) in a computer: Speed; Reliability; Capacity; or Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (essentially whether a computer can behave/respond/communicate like a human - although interestingly some people have noted that if a computer ever truly possessed this capability then it would be intelligent enough to hide such a capability, because revealing it would threaten the machine's existence, such is humankind's fear of a computer so clever - and this arguably undermines the basic assumption of the test... incidentally if there's enough interest in this then I could start a webpage dedicated to the discussion)
  12. Meaning enthusiasm, what 8-letter word beginning with 'K' contains three sets of double-letters? Keenness
  13. New South Wales Australia announced in 2016 it would ban (What?) due to abuses being 'beyond reform': Greyhound racing; Slot machines; Lager; or Facebook? Greyhound racing (specifically use of live bait in training, and 'wastage' of uncompetitive dogs)
  14. Kondike, the Yukon river tributory and area famous for a gold-rush 1897-98, is in north-west: Canada; Australia; USA; or Russia? Canada
  15. Kept as pets and native to Thailand/Indonesia, the Kissing Gourami, is a: Parrot; Rodent; Aquarium fish; or Miniature goat? Aquarium fish
  16. The most common compound of the element chlorine is: Salt; Vinegar; Sugar; or Water? Salt (sodium chloride)
  17. Bulgaria, Orinoco, Tomsk, Tobermory, and Bungo are: Olympic Games venues; Dangerously volcanic regions; Chrysler truck models; or Characters from The Wombles novels/TV series? Characters from The Wombles novels/TV series
  18. The metaphorical expression meaning self-promotion is "Blow your own (What?)" : Balloon; Trumpet; Bugle; or Kiss? Trumpet
  19. 'Kerb drill' refers to a traditional British: Underwear fabric; Stonemason's tool; Road safety precautions; or Acid rain? Road safety precautions (typically taught to children, always including the instruction 'Look left, look right' - which is also useful for overseas folk, generally accustomed to traffic driving on the right not the left..)
  20. The Latin positive-thinking maxim "Aut Viam Invenium Aut Facium" means: No gain without pain; Necessity is the mother of invention; Where there's a will there's a way; or Oops upside your head? Where there's a will there's a way (and here's the free poster - and lots more free motivational posters)


quizballs 423 - free quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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