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quizballs 417 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Common in 1920-30s UK, what were popularised again 2015/16 by TV's Peaky Blinders, David Beckham and One Direction: Plus-fours trousers; Hobnail boots; Flat caps; or Handlebar moustaches? Flat caps
  2. The Taoiseach ('teashockh'), Enda Kenny, in office 2011, re-elected 2016, is/was Prime Minister of: Sweden; Ireland; Scotland; or Canada? Ireland (Taoiseach means chief/leader in Irish)
  3. The Tahitian/Tongan/Samoan word and tradition 'ta-tau' became what in English? Tattoo (indelible body art, not the military entertainment)
  4. The premature same-age deaths of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse prompted the popular '(What number?) Club' theory: 25; 26; 27; or 28? 27 (statistically, research indicates that 74 is the only real spike in pop-star death ages..)
  5. Cilantro or Chinese parsley is better known as: Oregano; Coriander; Dill; or Mixed herbs? Coriander
  6. Latin confectum, and the plural of Italian confetto, small sweet, is the word/tradition origin of what celebratory material? Confetti (originally small sweets were thrown, rather than nowadays paper or streamers, etc)
  7. Haiku, traditionally comprising 17 'morae' and a juxta-position, is a short form of Japanese: Judo; Government; Poetry; or Breakfast? Poetry (morae or 'on' loosely equate to syllables)
  8. Prior to his criminal infamy, OJ Simpson was originally a famous American: Baseball player; Footballer; Rapper; or Senator? Footballer
  9. Oats are considered to be mainly a healthy source of: Carbohydrates; Sugar; Vitamins; or Iron? Carbohydrates
  10. Reflexology therapy primarily involves touching a patient's: Head; Shoulders; Feet; or Knees? Feet
  11. Which nation's tax authorities raided Google's offices in its capital city in 2016 citing tax evasion? France
  12. Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona.. are at 2016: Atlantic hurricanes; Next in line to the Danish throne; Australian battleships; or Characters in a blockbuster 2000s Disney movie called Fruit? Atlantic hurricanes
  13. Match these words to their meanings: Visceral; Ethereal; Ephemeral - Very short-lived; Deeply felt; Spiritual/delicate? Visceral = Deeply felt (as distinct from thought - this relates to viscera, the internal organs); Ethereal = Spiritual/delicate; Ephemeral = Very short-lived
  14. The Greek word petro/petros, as in petroleum and petrochemicals, etc, means: Rock; Fire; Oil; or Expensive? Rock
  15. The UK state tax authority HMRC stands for Her Majesty's Revenue and: Costs; Corporations; Customs; or Crowns? Customs
  16. Roland Garros is home to the Open (What?) Championships of (Where?) (two answers required): Darts; Golf; Tennis; France; Australia; USA? Tennis, France
  17. Originating in ancient India, 'ghee' is a popular modern: Rice wine; Barbecued crab; Clarified butter; or Edible sand? Clarified butter
  18. Which small English Midlands county is home to the eponymous '(What?) Water' (named after the county) - the nation's largest reservoir by area? Rutland (Rutland Water)
  19. Batman's gadget-loaded super-powered road vehicle, appearing in the very first Batman comic story 1937, is called the Bat: Car; Wagon; Mobile; or Pantechnicon? Mobile
  20. A pantechnicon (from Greek, for 'all' and 'piece of art') is a: Sports car; Bicycle; Skateboard; or Furniture removal van? Furniture removal van (the name was made up to refer to an art/furniture warehouse/bazaar in London in 1830, which appeared on the side of its delivery trucks, and so came to refer to a furniture removal van)


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