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quizballs 416 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. (Based on the popular 'poundshop' concept) a discount store opened in London's Mayfair, 2016, with everything priced at: £5; £10; £20; or £1000? £1000 (a spokesman for the company said it was far too cheap to attract most of the wealthy local residents...)
  2. The medical/psychological term OCD stands for what? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  3. Phlebotomy is the medical term for: Heart surgery; Brain surgery; Vein blood injection/withdrawal; or Draining housemaid's knee? Vein blood injection/withdrawal (and historical blood-letting)
  4. What profession historically performed blood-letting: Dentists; Shepherds; Priests; or Barbers? Barbers
  5. Mythological Greek nymphs are spirits of nature imagined as beautiful: Horses; Beetles; Young women; or Old women? Young women (maidens, from Greek, numphe, bride)
  6. The prefix 'quasi' means: Hidden; Seemingly; Ugly; or Hunchbacked? Seemingly (or apparently or almost, from Latin quasi, as if, or almost)
  7. North America's 'Boeing Apache' is a: Military helicopter; Active volcano; Major baseball team; or Interplanetary Internet? Military helicopter
  8. By public vote In 2012 Shinzo Abe became Japan's new national: Anthem; Flag; Airline; or Prime Minister? Prime Minister
  9. Sandbanks in Dorset has the UK's: Biggest fishing fleet; Only killer sharks; Tallest mountain; or Most expensive seaside real estate? Most expensive seaside real estate
  10. In 2016 President Justin Trudeau welcomed the introduction of legal euthanasia to his nation: USA; Canada; Australia; or Ireland? Canada
  11. Strasbourg is in: Switzerland; Belgium; France; or Germany? France
  12. In 2016 where did Winston Churchill replace Elizabeth Fry: Trafalgar Square; Times Newspaper logo; Marmite branding; or £5 note? £5 note
  13. In 2016 Hitler's code-making typewriter was bought by Bletchley Park Museum for how much from what seller (two answers required): £9.50; £9million; The German Government; or Ebay? £9.50 from Ebay (from a private seller who failed to realise its value)
  14. In the original Ebay company logo 1995-2012, which letter was capitalized: E; B; A; or Y? Y
  15. The EU is famously based in which two of these cities: Berlin; Brussels; Strasbourg; Amsterdam; or Dublin? Brussels and Strasbourg
  16. A pollywog or porwigle in England is more generally known as a: Tadpole; Dalmation dog; Sweatshirt; or iPod? Tadpole
  17. A scientific study in 2016 found that serious depression was alleviated by consuming: Coal; Strong cider; Sea water; or Magic mushrooms? Magic mushrooms (also called Psilocybin - Don't try that at home, or maybe do try that at home if you worry that conventional drugs don't work or aren't working - I speak as someone who has lost two very close loved ones to mental illness despite the best attempts of conventional chemical medicine.... Here's what Wikipedia offers [2016] about the medicinal effects of psilocybin: "Advocates for advanced research in the field of ethnobotany have been asking for medical investigation of the use of synthetic and mushroom-derived psilocybin for the development of improved treatments of various neurological disorders, including chronic cluster headaches, following numerous anecdotal reports of benefits. There are also studies which include reports of psilocybin mushrooms sending both obsessive-compulsive disorders [OCD] and OCD-related clinical depression [both being widespread and debilitating mental health conditions] into complete remission immediately and for up to months at a time, compared to current medications which often have both limited efficacy and frequent undesirable side-effects. Recent studies done at Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich conclude, when used properly, psilocybin acts as an antidepressant as suggested by fMRI brain scans. The active components of psilocybin mushrooms have also been found to treat alcoholism and other addictions. The drugs potential as treatment to alcoholism is also similar to results found in relation to LSD in the 1950s and 60s. [I am not making a recommendation here, if these issues affect you, other than to consider and take advice and explore alternative expertise and research, rather than accept in blind faith the assumptions and inertia of conventional medicine. There is and shall remain so much we do not know about how our brains and bodies work, and the effects of more natural healing/alleviating methods available to us, which have been used by humankind for many thousands of years.] )
  18. The globally popular TV franchise/series relaunched by Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc is: Neighbours; Friends; Top Gear; or Fame? Top Gear
  19. The virus prompting demands from world health experts to postpone or relocate the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics is called: Mexican Flu; Zika; Ebola; or The Anna Kournikova worm? Zika (Zika virus was first isolated [identified and proven] from a sentinel rhesus monkey placed in the Zika Forest near Lake Victoria, Uganda in April 1947.)
  20. Tom Hiddleston, Jamie Bell, and Idris Elba emerged as leading candidates in 2016 for the role of: Mayor of London; Donald Trump's Presidential running mate; James Bond; Prince Harry's best man? James Bond


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