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quizballs 415 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A warm sunny period in Autumn (Fall) in the northern hemisphere is called an: African Spring; Australian Winter; Indian Summer; or Baked Alaska? Indian Summer
  2. A business constituted as a 'cooperative' is owned and managed by its: Founders; Staff/customers; Venture capitalist investors; or National government? Staff/customers (either or both)
  3. What kitchen/restaurant appliance is named in French, deriving from Latin 'bath of Maria'? Bain-Marie (a pan of hot water in which pots of food are placed to cook/warm - originally from alchemy and ancient Greek kaminos Marias, 'furnace of Maria')
  4. 0.6214 mile is how many metres: 200; 1000; 1500; or 5000? 1000 (a kilometre)
  5. Vaseline is a genericized brandname for what sort of 'Jelly'? Petroleum
  6. French writer/philosopher Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) inspired which behavioural term? Sadism/Sadist (deriving pleasure from hurting someone/others - the term arose from de Sade's ['de sad'] writings on sexual deviancy)
  7. In yoga, 'asana' is: Breath; Place/position of pose; Meditation; or Incense smoke? Place/position of pose
  8. Name the ancient Greek slave/storyteller to whom many fables are attributed in an eponymous collection? Aesop (see Aesop's Fables)
  9. The US Hillerich & Bradsby company's 'Louisville Slugger' is a: Garden pesticide; Baseball bat; Earth-digger/mover; or Saxophone? Baseball bat
  10. Zugzwang is a globalized German term for an obligatory disadvantageous: Chess move; Tax payment; Blood transfusion; or Give-way to a cyclist? Chess move (where one player forces the opponent to move in a way that will weaken the opponent)
  11. The old weight 'dram' or 'drachm' equates to: 1.772 grams; One ounce; One kilogram; or One ton? 1.772 grams (or 60 grains or an eighth of an ounce)
  12. What is the popular Tex-Mex and Mexican dish known in Spanish as 'frijoles refritos'? Refried beans (typically, but not always, using pinto beans, in which the 'refried' means 'well-fried' not 'fried again')
  13. Monophthongs, dyphthongs and triphthongs are types of: Vowel sounds; Teeth; Cabbages; or Coin edging? Vowel sounds (respectively referring to single, two-part, and three-part segments within a single vowel sound - see the grammar and language glossary)
  14. What word makes five new words when prefixing: Go; Ding; Ocular; Man; and Liner? Bin
  15. What French word refers to a terracotta dish and a pâté typically made in one: Tajine; Terrine; Ramekin; or Karahi? Terrine
  16. What astrological star sign is represented by the scales? Libra
  17. From the Greek god of love what term refers to a part of the human body that is especially responsive to touch/stimulation? Erogenous (from Eros - hence erogenous zone)
  18. Latin deus (god) and Javanese dejos became what Chinese pidgin English word for an incense stick? Joss (hence joss stick)
  19. Machiavellian/Machiavellianism, after Renaisance philosopher/writer/political scientist Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527), refers to: Joyful; Clumsy; Cunning; or Energetic? Cunning (often entailing politics and cynicism)
  20. What is the bingo nickname and the number that is the square root of 484, a rifle calibre, and puzzle or 'catch' (two answers required)? Two little ducks and 22 (.22 rifle/bullet calibre, and Joseph Heller's 'Catch 22' novel/expression)


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