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quizballs 413 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which of these is the only coastal capital city of South America: Santiago; Lima; Brasilia; Buenos Aires? Lima
  2. The poodle dog/name originated in Germany from association with: Shaving; Water; Circuses; or Dung? Water (from German pudelhund and pudeln, splash in water)
  3. In Europe which dangerous natural phenomenon exists only in Portugal, Norway, Iceland, Italy and the Canary Islands: Malaria; Volcanoes; Typhoons; or Bears? Volcanoes (Santorini's volcanic crater in Greece is a caldera not a volcano)
  4. In maths the cube root of an eighth is a: Sixty-fourth; Half; Ninth; or Three-quarters? Half (1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/8, or 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.125 = an eighth)
  5. Richard Adams' 1972 anthropomorphic novel Watership Down is about a colony of: Ducks; Kangaroos; Rabbits; or Neanderthals? Rabbits
  6. 1960s Thamesmead social housing estate in SE London was the main location for the film: A Clockwork Orange; Thunderball; Batman Returns; or Taxi Driver? A Clockwork Orange
  7. The Battle of Jutland was the only (What?) battle of the 1st World War: Air; Tank; Naval; or Cavalry? Naval (both Britain and Germany claimed victory - Britain suffered more losses but retained control of the North Sea)
  8. Lent (Latin Quadragesima) is traditionally a Christian religious fast of how many days: 12; 21; 40; or 52? 40 (Quadragesima means fortieth)
  9. The expression 'Book him Dano' (urging action/reprimand) originated 1960-80s in: The Rocky Horror Show; Hawaii Five-O; Opportunity Knocks; or The Flintstones? Hawaii Five-O (said at the end of most episodes when the criminal was apprehended)
  10. In May 2016 the world record for 'planking' (a stress position on toes and forearms) was set at: 45mins; 93mins; 2.5hrs; or 8hrs? 8hrs (by Chinese policeman Mao Weidong - eight hours, one minute and one second)
  11. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did what in May 1953: Invented Aspirin; First ascent of Everest; Flew faster than the speed of sound; or Discovered the first oil in USA? First ascent of Everest
  12. Baklava, a food in Turkish/Central-West Asian cuisine, is a type of: Salad; Pastry; Stew; or Fish soup? Pastry (with nuts and honey)
  13. What iconic British brand of matches and tobacco smoking materials is the Roman goddess of the hearth/fire? Vesta
  14. Grévy's, Grant's, Chapman's, and the extinct Quagga, are varieties of: Lion; Gorilla; Zebra; or Hippopotamus? Zebra
  15. Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), first identified in willow bark by Hippocrates c.400BC, is better known as what a genericized trademark: Aspirin; Heroin; The (birth control) Pill; or Sugar? Aspirin (see more fascinating genericized trademarks)
  16. What Anglicized German word originally from 'harm-joy' refers to pleasure derived from misfortunes of others? Schadenfreude
  17. The Latin word via originally meant: Travel; Road; Map; or Visit? Road
  18. Anthropomorphic means: Australian; Prehistoric; Feathered; or Human characteristics given to something non-human? Human characteristics given to something non-human (see anthropomorphism and many more fascinating words in the grammar and language glossary)
  19. The Anglicized Italian portmanteau word chiaroscuro refers to a painting style of: Animals and children; Light and dark; Happy and sad; or Fruit and vegetables? Light and dark (from chiaro, clear, and oscuro, obscure)
  20. Match these South American capitals to their countries: Santiago, Lima, Brasilia, Buenos Aires - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru? Santiago Chile; Lima Peru; Brasilia Brazil; Buenos Aires Argentina


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