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quizballs 411 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which famous London railway station is located on a bridge over the River Thames: Blackfriars; London Bridge; Kings Cross; or Waterloo? Blackfriars
  2. 'Lorem ipsum' (from Latin delorem ipsum, 'pain itself'') is: Red cabbage; Legal term for theft; The period/full stop; or Jumbled Latin 'placeholder' text in draft documents/graphics? Jumbled Latin 'placeholder' text in draft documents/graphics (to enable/show design before actual text is written)
  3. A troubadour (11-13thC France) was originally a: Bullfighter; Swordsman; Horseman; or Singing poet? Singing poet (hence the modern meaning loosely of a performing songwriter)
  4. Czech Emil Zatopek (1922-2000) is a famously brilliant: Financier; Distance runner; Architect; or Psychiatrist? Distance runner (1952 Olympic champion at 5,000m, 10,000m, and marathon - his first and spontaneous entry)
  5. What is the 2015-originating portmanteau term referring to the UK leaving the EU? Brexit (from British/Britain Exit)
  6. The German 'dachshund' means '(What?) dog': Fox; Rabbit; Horse; or Badger? Badger
  7. The human hormone Ghrelin (also called Lenomorelin) is known as the '(What?) hormone': Love; Hunger; Intelligence; or Laughing? Hunger (it regulates appetite)
  8. Acid rain is generally caused by which two of these emissions: Carbon dioxide; Sulphur dioxide; Nitrogen oxide; or Hydrogen cyanide? Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxide (US sulfur, UK sulphur)
  9. Panama disease destroys what crop: Beetroot; Bananas; Strawberries; or Peas? Bananas
  10. The UK billionaire called for Parliamentary questioning (2016) about his governance of the collapsed BHS company is Sir Philip: Green; Brown; Black; or Pink? Green (notably about his extraction of hundreds of millions in dividend payments to his Monaco-domiciled wife, prior to his sale of BHS for one pound and its subsequent full collapse, with hundreds of millions of pounds of debts, chiefly in its employee pension fund)
  11. Professor Pat Pending, the Arkansas Chuggabug, and the Ant Hill Mob feature in which popular 1968-69 17-episode TV cartoon series? Wacky Races
  12. Spell the typographical 'star' symbol: Asterix; Astorix; Asterisk; or Asterics? Asterisk (from Greek meaning little star - Asterix is a comic cartoon Gaul character devised in France in 1959)
  13. The logo on the famous Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife is a (What?) in a shield: Cross; Mountain; Knife; or Star? Cross (the Swiss national coat of arms)
  14. The large 14-35inch elastic plastic exercise ball developed in 1963 by Aquilino Cosani, is called a (What?) ball: Swiss; Dutch; French; or Spanish? Swiss
  15. The salad condiment comprising oil and vinegar, often reddened with parika and tomato, popularized/produced first in the 1950s is '(What?) dressing': German; French; Power; or Croix? French
  16. Which newspaper remains shunned in Liverpool UK due to its grossly false reporting of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster? The Sun (complicit in the institutional/police cover-up and blame, exposed in the 2016 inquest findings)
  17. Which two of these countries are not in Africa: Libya; Colombia; Sudan; Paraguay; Chad; or Angola? Colombia and Paraguay
  18. What 1940s-originating word meaning 'take a quick look around' derives from British military slang from Arabic 'safa', 'try to see': Shifty; Shufti; Shafty; or Shanty? Shufti
  19. An increasing human/animal health hazard in Europe is the 'Oak Processionary (What?)': Caterpillar; Mouse; Squirrel; or Woodpecker? Caterpillar (so called because they move in head-to-tail procession - the caterpillars and their nests contain toxins which cause irritation and asthma etc - they growin to the Oak Processionary Moth)
  20. The 'Tex-Mex' dish fajita is a essentially (What?) in a (What?) (two answers required): Grilled meat; Boiled fish; Tomato; Rice pudding; Tortilla flatbread; or Potato omelette? Grilled meat in a Tortilla flatbread (usually as a wrap - although technically fajita refers to the meat, and derives from Spanish 'faja', strip, from Latin fascia, band)


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