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quizballs 406 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A staggered junction or golf hole (basically 'ahead-sideways-ahead') is called a '(What?)-Leg': Cat; Dog; Frog; or Broken? Dog
  2. Formed 1950 and dissolved 1990, the Stasi was the secret police of: USSR (Soviet Union); East Germany; Australia; or Scotland? East Germany (abbreviated from German, Staatssicherheit = State Security)
  3. Sepals and Tepals are decorative protective elements of many old: Churches; Sailing ships; Rifles; or Flowers? Flowers (outer petals - or on some ancient species they serve as petals)
  4. The porbeagle is a: Vulture; Shark; Monkey; or Dog? Shark (also called the mackerel shark, from the N Atlantic and Mediterranean)
  5. What human organ makes four new words when prefixing Head, Diver, Flint and Tight? Skin
  6. Aurizon, VicTrack, Brookfield and John Holland are/were major railway operators of: Canada; Australia; India; or USA? Australia
  7. A plantar wart or myrmecia is better known as a: Beauty spot; Blood blister; Veruca; or Mole? Veruca
  8. The ancient pre-scientific system of classifying all universal matter as Water/Air/Fire/Earth/Aether is called the Classical: Constituents; Elements; Energies; or Isotopes? Elements
  9. The famous USA electronics brand, alluding to its 1921 wireless origins, which collapsed in 2015 is: RadioShack; TunerRoom; TransistorHub; or AerialWarehouse? RadioShack
  10. The Fountain of Neptune, Bologna, Italy, inspired which famous sports car logo: Ferrari; Lamborghini; Maserati; or Alfa Romeo? Maserati (the three-pronged trident held by Neptune)
  11. Pyongyang is the capital of which controversial nation? North Korea
  12. A popular old English idiom refers to a suspicious or dubious situation being: Snakey; Wormy; Fishy; or Spidery? Fishy (a metaphor alluding to smell and slipperiness)
  13. What common typographical symbol's name is taken from Greek 'little star'? Asterisk
  14. The iconic symbol of Kathmandu is in Nepal; Iraq; France; or the Lord of the Rings? Nepal (Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal)
  15. Tinnitus is: Blood poisoning; Ringing in ears; Toothache; or Wrinkly skin? Ringing in ears (or any 'heard' sound in the ears for prolonged periods not from actual external noise)
  16. Hornblende is a composite: Country dance; Rock mineral; Cider-beer; or Leather hat? Rock mineral (for example found in granite)
  17. Haemophilia is the human tendency for prolonged: Eating; Sleeping; Bleeding; or Hair? Bleeding (due to the blood not clotting)
  18. A billhook is a traditional forestry tool which combines which two of these: Saw; Knife; Hammer; Axe; or Drill? Knife and Axe
  19. Teutonic generally historically refers to people of which characteristic: Bearded; Strong; Germanic; or Indestructible? Germanic (typically wider spread than Germany and speaking a Germanic language)
  20. In the Russian alphabet and Cyrillic script the 'English' 3 symbol equates to: W; X; Y; or Z? Z (Cryllic is the writing system of East Europe and Nth/Cent Asia)


quizballs 406 - free quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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