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quizballs 405 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A scimitar (pronounced 'simmitar') is a: Shooting star; Sea turtle; Curved sword; or Indian stringed instrument? Curved sword (traditionally from Eastern nations)
  2. A rhomboid is a: Space rock; Thumb wart; Geometric shape; or Camel's hump? Geometric shape (a non-right angled parallelogram whose adjacent sides are unequal lengths)
  3. In the human body the cornea is in the: Ear; Eye; Heart; or Foot? Eye (it's the transparent front part, which includes the lens)
  4. In the Christian Bible the third son of Adam and Eve is called: Jacob; Seth; Jesus; or Kevin? Seth
  5. Popular with children, the spotted Coccinellidae family of creatures is better known as what? Ladybirds/Ladybugs (or Lady bugs, or variations on the lady beetle theme)
  6. EMG (Electromyography), CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography), and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), are technologies for: Weather forecasting; Internet security; Human body scans; or DNA crime-profiling? Human body scans
  7. In 1852 American Elisha Graves Otis produced the first successful (eponymously branded) safety: Crash helmet; Seat-belt; Elevator; or Pin? Elevator (hence the Otis elevator company)
  8. What is 12.5% of 8: A half; 1; 2; or 5? 1 (one)
  9. The 1940s originating term 'Latchkey child/kid' refers to a child who is often: Stealing; Hiding; Losing things; or Home alone? Home alone (returning from school to an empty house, traditionally depicted wearing a front door key as a pendant, or retrieving it under a doormat or hung behind the letterbox, and waiting alone for several hours for a parent to come home)
  10. In the UK in 2016 the first completely new national daily newspaper since 1986 launched, called The New: World; Digest; Day; or Paper? Day
  11. What word makes six new words when prefixing: Ten, Tern, Map, Stream, Rate, and Ching? Bit (Bittern is a heron-like bird)
  12. An oubliette, which has a top opening for access, is a: Road tanker; Portable toilet; Dungeon; or Storm drain? Dungeon
  13. The machine called a lathe is traditionally associated with what action/term: Welding; Turning; Drilling; or Hole-punching? Turning (for example round profiles such as chair-legs, spindles, etc)
  14. LASIK, meaning Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis, is a surgical procedure on the: Eye; Ear; Nose; or Throat? Eye
  15. What is a musical note time value/symbol, a voice tremble, and a brand of cheese snacks? Quaver
  16. Ostler is an old occupational name for someone who looks after: Horses; Cattle; Chickens; or Elderly people? Horses (at an inn, overnight, derived from old French 'hostelier', innkeeper, who performed this duty for guests)
  17. The famous bazouki instrumental dance music which speeds up is called Zorba the: Cossack; Greek; Dane; or Zulu? Greek
  18. The Japanese 'chūkanabe' (Chinese pot) is known popularly in Western/Chinese culture as a: Karai; Wok; Skillet; or Tagine? Wok
  19. In standard netball the only playing position that can move freely in all areas of the court except the shooting circles is: Centre; Goal Attack; Goal Shooter: or Wing Attack? Centre
  20. The unstressed vowel sound 'uh' usually represented by 'a' or 'e' (in 'ago', and 'a cat' or 'open') is called a: Waa; Aha; Phwoar; or Schwa? Schwa (see lots more fascinating words like this in the grammar/language glossary)
  21. According to the rainbow/light spectrum mnemonic (memory aid), Richard Of York Gave (What?) In Vain: Silver; Battle; Thanks; or Kisses? Battle (equating to Blue - fully Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet)


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