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quizballs 403 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Paper thickness is generally measured/shown as GSM (e.g., 80, 90, etc), standing for what? Grams per Square Metre
  2. St Andrews, Cypress Point, Augusta, and Muirfield are famous: Australian beaches; Golf courses; Walking boots; or Fair Isle knitting patters? Golf courses
  3. Butterfly, Trudgen, Back, Side, and Breast are: Cuts of beef; Swimming strokes; Heraldry designs; or Poodle haircuts? Swimming strokes (Trudgen is front crawl with a scissor kick as used in breast stroke)
  4. Referring to an Earthly feature, what is the only common word in the English language to begin with the letters FJ? Fjord (a steep sided coastal inlet formed by glacial erosion, found especially in Alaska, New Zealand, Chile, and Norway - the word 'fjord' is Norse, from Norway)
  5. Put these creatures in order of causing most human fatalities in modern years, most first: Sharks, Dogs, Mosquitoes, Humans? Mosquitoes, Humans, Dogs, Sharks (Generally Tsetse/Tik-tik fly are third or fourth in the list, and a vast array of creatures including crocodiles and elephants kill more people than sharks, which account for only about 10 deaths per year)
  6. Which of these became extinct on Earth roughly 40,000 years ago: Dinosaurs; Woolly Mammoth; The Dodo; or Neanderthal Man? Neanderthal Man
  7. The dark volcanic plains of the Moon, once thought to be seas, are called: Sophia; Maria; Georgia; or Kylie? Maria (from Latin 'maria', meaning seas; singular is 'mare')
  8. A hiatus is a: Pause; Climax; Inflammation; or Trapeze? Pause (from Latin hiare, gape)
  9. The inventor/first trapeze artist (Paris 1859) who also originated the eponymously named clothing was Jules: Dungaree; Leotard; Tutu; or Nylon? Leotard
  10. The UK physical gesture and expression 'cock a snook' refers to the use of which three of these body parts: Tongue; Nose; Thumb; Ears; Fingers; Eyes; or Knees? Nose, Thumb and Fingers (thumb touching nose with fingers spread upwards and waggling - a gesture or expression indicating contempt, mockery, usually in disagreement or play - first recorded in 1700s England of unknown origin)
  11. Systolic and Diastolic refer to the measurement of what? Blood pressure (Systolic is pressure while heart is beating; Diastolic is heart resting between beats)
  12. Labyrinth, Broad-crested, Sharp-crested, Piano keys, and Compound are types of: Weirs; Stalactites and Stalagmites; Stairways and steps; or Men's suit designs? Weir (river barriers controlling water flow)
  13. Shakespeare's romantic tragedy written c1598 is called 'Much Ado about (What?)': Something; Nothing; Everything; or Anything? Nothing
  14. The Anglicized-Latin court term 'in camera' means proceedings are: Recorded on film; Televised; In private; or Rehearsal only? In private (literally 'in chamber' - no press or public)
  15. Paramount and CBS Studios went to court in 2016 to enforce rights over what fictional language when the fan-funded Axanar company sought to produce a prequel to a popular 1966-founded franchise set originally in the 23rd century? Klingon (or Klingonese, of Star Trek)
  16. 'Pulse fishing' - an increasingly common modern alternative to deep sea beam-trawling - uses: Sound waves; Electric shocks; Vibrating nets; or Flashing lights? Electric shocks (forcing deep-dwelling fish to rise from the sea bed - it is controversial because its effects are little understood - supporters/users argue it is less damaging to the sea bed than beam trawling)
  17. Which wine is typically made from black grapes using the 'skin contact method': Red; Rosé; Champagne; or White? Rosé (the pink colour is achieved via the 'skin contact method' - by which the skins remain with the juice after crushing for a short period of 1-3 days - the method of blending red and white wine is rare)
  18. King Julian and Mort are which creatures in the film Madagascar: Lion and Zebra; Lemur and Bush baby; Bear and Wolf; or Whale and Worm? Lemur and Bush baby
  19. The Ape, genus Pongo, is generally spelled: Oran-Utan; Orangatan; Orangutan; or Orangetan? Orangutan (alternatively Orang-utan, or Orang-utang)
  20. Which one of these is not a type of joint in the human body: Ball-and-socket; Dovetail; Pivot; Hinge; or Gliding? Dovetail (is a carpentry joint)


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