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quizballs 399 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. How many people (at early 2000s) have walked on the moon: 3; 12; 21; or 37? 12
  2. The word succumb means to be: Overjoyed; Overcome; Overlooked; or Oversized? Overcome (or to give in to something, or submit or die or be defeated)
  3. Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaskan and Samoa are five of a total nine US: Major highways; Basketball leagues; Timezones; or Lions? Timezones
  4. Tallow, Beeswax, Spermaceti, and Paraffin are traditionally used in making: Paint; Contraceptives; Candles; or Pasta? Candles (Spermaceti is a waxy fat from the sperm whale; tallow is derived from animal fat)
  5. The famous self-styled anarchist web-hacking group founded in 2003 is called: Mysterious; Incredulous; Anonymous; or Delirious? Anonymous
  6. Name the controversial detention camp established in 2002 by the USA in Cuba? Guantanamo Bay
  7. Often suggested as an English national anthem, William Blake's 1804 poem set to Hubert Parry's music is: Copenhagen; Jerusalem; Casablanca; or St Petersburg? Jerusalem
  8. Oxygen is a: Conductor; Insulator; Solvent; or Surfactant? Insulator
  9. A tenth divided by a fifth is a: Tenth; Fifth; Fiftieth; or Half? Half (to divide a fraction by a fraction, invert the second fraction and multiply, ie, 1/10 x 5/1 = 5/10 = 1/2)
  10. Which one of these is not a Toy Story movie character: Woody; Slinky; Stinky Pete; or Pingu? Pingu
  11. Fleckerl, Natural Turn, Chasse, and New York are: Muffins; Cocktails; Dance steps; or Homeopathic brands? Dance steps
  12. Chesterfield, Ottoman, Tallboy, and Cheval are: Furniture; Sailing ships; Australian cities; or Pig breeds? Furniture (a cheval is a full length floor-standing mirror)
  13. Martini, Rossini, Mojito, and Sazerac are: Composers; New York City districts; Cocktails; or Pig breeds? Cocktails
  14. Clipper, Brigantine, Corvette, and Schooner are: Sports cars; Drinking glasses; Card games; or Sailing ships? Sailing ships
  15. Gascon, Pot Belly, Saddleback, and Landrace are: Rope knots; Pig breeds; Ultra/endurance marathons; or Abdominal ruptures? Pig breeds
  16. Pegassi Zentorno is an: Italian soup; Estonian for 'Hello'; Racing snail; or Sports Car in 'Grand Theft Auto'? Sports Car in 'Grand Theft Auto'
  17. Bachata is a type of (What?) from the Dominican Republic: Music/dance; Hairstyle; Unlevened bread; or Banana sculpture? Music/dance
  18. Popocatepetl, Pico de Orizaba, and Iztaccihuatl are: Barcelona cathedrals; Mexican volcanoes; Cuban dictators; or The National Flowers of India? Mexican volcanoes
  19. Mixing yellow and blue paint produces: Orange; Green; Red; or White? Green
  20. Based on Greek legend, a constant uncontrollable threat, especially to a safe/desirable situation, is called The Sword of: Hades; Damocles; Hermes; or Aphrodite? Damocles


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