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quizballs 396 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Rochambo/Rochambeau is better known as (What?), typically used to decide a tie, or determine an order between competitors: Tossing a coin; Spoofing/Three coin; Rock paper scissors; or Drawing straws? Rock paper scissors
  2. Which one of these is not a founding member of the European Union, nor has ever been a member (at 2016): Belgium; Norway; Luxembourg; or Netherlands? Norway
  3. In property rental the term 'pax' means what? Per Annum Exclusive (exclusive of other costs, eg rates, ultilities, etc, besides the rental)
  4. Parka, Harrington, Crombie, and Anorak are: Arctic seas; Fountain pens; Coats/Jackets; or Canadian national ice-hockey captains? Coats/Jackets
  5. Which two of these are the main qualifications required for astrophysicists: Philosophy; Astrology; Physics; Maths; or History? Physics and Maths
  6. The international 'Duckworth-Lewis method' was introduced 1996 in Zimbabwe for recalibrating (What?) due to effects of weather: Cricket scores/targets; Pregnancy/birth dates; Cereal crop yields; or Waterfall flow? Cricket scores/targets (in limited-overs matches which are interrrupted by rain or other play-stopping effect)
  7. A slot/fruit machine was originally known as a One-Armed: Banker; Bellboy; Baby; or Bandit? Bandit (alluding its purpose of extracting money from people, and the side lever used to spin its reels)
  8. Which two of these are not real Jelly Belly Bertie Bott's jelly bean flavors/flavours: Earwax; Dirt; Booger; Rotten Egg; Belly-Button Fluff; or Athlete's Foot Powder? Belly-Button Fluff and Athlete's Foot Powder (Bertie Bott's jelly beans are a real Jelly Belly product based on the Harry Potter creation)
  9. A viscometer/viscosimeter measures: Temperature of light; A fluid's resistance to deformation; Weight of sound; or Speed of tennis balls? A fluid's resistance to deformation (its viscosity - how 'thick' it is, and its flow)
  10. The modern confection originally from Ancient Egypt and the Malva plant which gave the French word mauve is: Licorice; Marshmallow; Turkish Delight; or Jelly Babies? Marshmallow
  11. Hex/Allen, Slot, Cross, and Phillips are types of: Shotguns; Chimneys; Screw-drives; or Boxing moves? Screw-drives
  12. In 2008 Magicians Rolfo & Ustignani established a world record (What?) in 30 minutes: 300 women sawn in half; 300 rabbits pulled from a hat; Swallowing 300 audience members' watches; or Hypnotizing 10,000 people? 300 rabbits pulled from a hat
  13. Name the famous naval base and natural port on Oahu island, Hawaii, which featured in the US entry to World War II? Pearl Harbor (attacked by Japan, Dec 1941)
  14. The classical composers Bach, Brahms, Handel, Strauss, and Schumann are all: German; Austrian; Russian; or Dutch? German
  15. Quiche Lorraine traditionally contains lardons, which are pieces of: Cheese; Pork fat; Prawns; or Mushrooms? Pork fat
  16. Which of one these does not feature in lists of the most common UK pub names in recent times: Red Lion, Crown, Royal Oak, Princess Diana; or Swan? Princess Diana
  17. Philadelphia, Cheddar, Feta, and Paneer are all: American cities; Gorges/Canyons; Cheeses; or Men's hats? Cheeses
  18. From Latin 'sapo', saponification is a process of producing: Soap; Rubber; Sapphires; or Water? Soap
  19. The Technics SL-1210 ('Tec 12') was industry-standard (What?) from 1970s-2000s: Launderette washing machine; Radio/DJ record turntable; McDonalds chip fryer; or Championship golf courses buggy? Radio/DJ record turntable
  20. Correctly match these four pairs of heroes and villains: Hulk v Lex Luther, Spider-Man v Abomination, Batman v Electro, Superman v Scarecrow? Hulk v Abomination, Spider-Man v Electro, Batman v Scarecrow, Superman v Lex Luther


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