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quizballs 391 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes


  1. Mexican Salvador Alvarenga, the 438-day longest-surviving castaway ever, was sued in 2015 for: Reef damage; Search and rescue costs; Flying a kite too high; or Eating his shipmate?
  2. The long-standing currency of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania (at early 2000s) is the: Peso; Shilling; Dollar; or Euro?
  3. Dragonflies have the sharpest vision of any insect, each compound eye having how many lenses: One; Six; 28; or 30,000?
  4. Drug corporation Reckitt Benckiser was found guilty of marketing false 'variations' and inflated pricing of what identical product? Paracetamol; Nurofen; Anadin; or Ibuprofen?
  5. Human urine passes from each kidney via the ureter to (What?) next: Kidney; Pancreas; Bladder; or Prostate?
  6. With over one billion registered users, China's (claimed to be) largest smartphone messaging app is: FaceTing; WeChat; Woksapp; or WongNumber?
  7. Roughly how many truck drivers are in India: 300; 15,000; 280,000; or Five million?
  8. In the USA a reindeer is also known as a: Caribou; Elk; Moose; or Christmas Camel?
  9. A broiler is a chicken raised for: Eating; Laying eggs; Feather pillows; or Racing blindfolded?
  10. Salsify is a: Cuban dance; Root vegetable; Indian national holiday; or Verb meaning to surprise someone?
  11. The brunch dish of poached eggs, muffins, bacon/ham and hollandaise sauce, popularized in New York City is 'Eggs...: Benedict; Florentine; Royale; or Over-easy?
  12. The 2015 Star Wars sequel is subtitled 'The Force...' : Of Nature; Of July; Awakens; or Seeable Future?
  13. The most common human bloodgroup is: S; O; A; or P?
  14. An annelid is a: Reptilian eye-socket; Worm; Drink-can ring-pull; or Charcoal eye-shadow popularized by Queen Anne?
  15. Roughly how long is the human small intestine: 16cms; Two feet; A metre; or Seven metres?
  16. Roughly how long is the human large intestine: 1.5 metres; 12 metres; 31 metres; or 115 metres?
  17. Fish are typically referred to as being (What?)-blooded: Cold; Hot; Blue; or Lukewarm?
  18. A rock containing a mineral that can be viably extracted for use is called an: Ore; And; Is; or But?
  19. Sound travels fastest through: Air; Vacuum; Solids/Liquids; or Fire/Flames?
  20. The most poisonous fungi, which usually kills anyone eating it, is the: Destroying Angel; Red Devil; God's Revenge; Fun Guy; Monster Mushroom; or Tragic Mushroom?


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