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quizballs 389 - 2015 BIG YEAR QUIZ - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In China in 2015 the record for the longest mating session between two giant pandas was broken at: 3 minutes; 18 minutes; 2 hours; or 27 hours? 18 minutes
  2. The Frey Bentos factory of which nation was given UNESCO World Heritage status July 2015: Germany; Australia; Uruguay; or Scotland? Uruguay
  3. Ford claimed to launch the first 'e-(What?)' at the 2015 Mobile World Congress Show: Pram; Bike; Dishwasher; or Trousers? Bike
  4. A 2015 intensive listening study discovered that giraffes actually: Hum; Whistle; Laugh; or Scream? Hum (giraffes were previously thought capable only of nose snorts due to their long necks)
  5. Name the last US president to meet the leader of Cuba before Barack Obama did in 2015: Clinton; Reagan; Eisenhower; or Washington? Eisenhower
  6. Jay Z and Beyonce launched a music streaming service in 2015 called: Bridal; Tidal; Widal; or Piddle? Tidal
  7. At auction in 2015, $1.2m was paid for Don McLean's original handrwitten lyrics for which 1971 big hit song? American Pie
  8. In 2015 what global contest ruled against the use of swimsuits for its 114 competitors, for the first time since 1951 inception? Miss World
  9. The 'Save the Children' charity admitted in 2015 it mistakenly awarded which controversial politician a Global Legacy award? Tony Blair
  10. An official investigation as to proof of the US moon landings was demanded in 2015 by: Russia; China; NASA; or Donald Trump? Russia
  11. The 2015 Epsom Derby was won by Golden: Eye; Horn; Egg; or Handshake? Horn
  12. Name the ride which failed catastrophically at Alton Towers in 2015? Smiler
  13. Philae, the spaceprobe thought dead/lost until it recommunicated with controllers in 2015 is on: Mars; The Moon; The Sun; or Comet 67P? Comet 67P
  14. Which vast tech corporation opened its first 'Nest' branded intelligent home store in Palo Alto California in 2015? Google
  15. In 2015 Japan lowered its voting age from what to what: 21-19; 20-18; 18-16; 23-20; or 17-15? 20 to 18
  16. The abbreviation MERS, significantly impacting South Korea 2015, is otherwise known as: The Asian financial crash; Typhoon Mandy; Seoul Earthquake; or Camel Flu? Camel Flu (MERS = Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)
  17. Christian is the lead character in the film 2015 adaptation of what extraordinarily successful book? Fifty Shades of Grey
  18. Who stepped down as chief of 21st Century Fox in 2015: Rupert Murdoch; Clint Eastwood; Donald Trump; or Warren Buffett? Rupert Murdoch
  19. An internet picture of a dress baffled people in early 2015, being which two of these colour combinations: Red/pink; Green/orange; White/gold; Yellow/copper; or Blue/black? White/gold or Blue/black
  20. In 2015 a new North Korean schools curriculum reportedly included that leader Kim Jong-un learnt to drive age: 3; 7; 10; or 35? 3
  21. Which car company launched the Avensis model in 2015? Toyota
  22. In 2015 evidence of water was found on: Pluto; Mars; The Moon; or The Sun? Mars
  23. Which 'BRIC' country launched the Astrosat space lab in 2015? India (BRIC = new economic powers Brazil, Russia, India, and China)
  24. In 2015 Fiji decided to remove what historical feature from its national flag? The Union Jack (British flag)
  25. Who, age 21, won the 2015 US Masters Golf Championship with a record 18-below par, and also the US Open? Jordan Speith
  26. In 2015 which footballer became the highest scorer for the England national team? Wayne Rooney
  27. Who won the 2015 men's tennis French Open: Andy Murray; Roger Federer; Stan Warwinka; or Novak Djokovic? Stan Warwinka
  28. What company launched the S6 Edge smartphone? Samsung
  29. Greenpeace promoted nuclear disarmament in 2015 by flying a large hot-air balloon over: Buckingham Palace; The Taj Mahal; Mount Everest; or The White House? The Taj Mahal (India)
  30. Which leading professional networking tech corporation, whose main revenue is selling user access/details to recruiters, bought the Lynda learning company for $1.5bn in 2015? Linkedin
  31. 'Dismaland' was the temporary theme park/exhibition of which famous 'anonymous' artist? Banksy
  32. Matthais Muller was made chief of which troubled car company in 2015? Volkswagen (or VW)
  33. In 2015 the World Anti-Doping Agency suggested banning which nation from the 2016 Olympics? Russia
  34. The game of Monopoly celebrated what anniversary in 2015: 40th; 80th; 100th; or 500th? 80th
  35. Name the Princess born 4th in succession to the British throne in 2015, to Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Charlotte
  36. The 2015 Mad Max movie is sub-titled: Mean Street; Fury Road; Angry Avenue; or Happy Highway? Fury Road
  37. The Magna Carta, signed in London, and inspiring constitutional rights globally thereafter, was how many years old in 2015: 400; 800; 1000, or 1500? 800
  38. In 2015 the Sinabug volcano erupted in: Hawaii; Indonesia; Sicily; or Ireland? Indonesia
  39. Olav Bjortmont became 2015 world champion in: Heavyweight boxing; Quizzing; Long jump; or Ballroom dancing? Quizzing
  40. Lars Lokke led his centre-right party to 2015 government election victory in: Denmark; Scotland; Canada; or Iran? Denmark
  41. Blackberry's new phone for 2015 was called the: Spiv; Div; Priv; or Giv? Priv
  42. Facebook's new music sharing/streaming feature launched in 2015 was called 'Music... : Books; Faces; Stories; or Likes? Stories
  43. Eddie Jones was appointed head coach of which English sporting team in 2015? Rugby Union (Rugby is an acceptable answer)
  44. Which new 'Mr Men' book was released in 2015: Mr Like; Mr Selfie; Mr Uber; or Mr Whistleblower? Mr Selfie
  45. In 2015 which Arsenal footballer became the first ever to score hat-tricks in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A? Alexis Sanchez
  46. In 2015 the American IRS announced Coca-Cola tax arrears due to illicit foreign transfer-pricing of: $25m; $180m; $360m or $3.3bn? $3.3bn
  47. According to 2015 survey what fruit was most popular among USA children? Apples
  48. Who unexpectedly beat Vlamdir Klitchscko in 2015? Tyson Fury (to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion)
  49. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey celebrated what birthday in 2015: 27; 49; 59; or 83? 49
  50. Jon Snow was killed off in what series in 2015, adapted from GRR Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire'? Game of Thrones
  51. Gunnar Hansen, who died in November 2015, famously starred in: Sky News; The Harry Potter movies; Texas Chainsaw Massacre; or The Muppets? Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  52. In a 2015 biography, who was accused of a bizarre initiation ceremony while a student Oxford University: Lord Ascroft; David Cameron; Tony Blair; or George Osborne? David Cameron (in Lord Ashcroft's book - Ashcroft is an aggrieved ex-donor - Cameron issued a firm denial)
  53. Finance minister Yanis Yaroufakis caused comment for not wearing a tie in February 2015 when negotiating the debts for which nation? Greece
  54. In June 2015 a French government minister asserted that immense environmental harm is being caused by: Bees; Honey; Nutella; or Marmite? Nutella (because palm trees for the oil ingredient were replacing other trees)
  55. What nation hosted the 2015 Women's World (soccer) Cup? Canada
  56. What iconic equine-alluding company, in countless books/films/cowboy holsters, filed for bankruptcy in 2015? Colt
  57. Facebook welcomed which new member in November 2015: Queen Elizabeth II; Donald Trump; Barack Obama; or Father Christmas? Barack Obama
  58. Due to a 2015 contamination scandal in India/Afica, which corporation destroyed 400 million packets of Maggi noodles? Nestle
  59. Who was announced in 2015 as Jeremy Clarkson's replacement on BBC's popular TV show Top Gear? Chris Evans
  60. How many years old was the McDonalds fast food company in 2015: 20; 40; 60; or 80? 60
  61. What famous horror film actor - especially for playing Dracula - died age 93 in 2015? Christopher Lee
  62. It was announced in 2015 that Alexander Hamilton would be replaced on (What?), also called a sawbuck, alluding to the symbol X? $10 bill (or USA ten dollar banknote - which used to show X, being the Roman number 10)
  63. In 2015 Serbia banned what until after 11pm: Lorries/HGVs; Reality TV; Alcohol; or Lighting candles? Reality TV
  64. Name Adele's record-breaking 2015 album? 25
  65. For its 2015 USA launch, roasted malt replaced caramel for colour in the 1927 British specification for: Newcastle Brown Ale; Haggis; Snickers; or Harris Tweed? Newcastle Brown Ale
  66. In the 2015 movie 'The Lady in the Van' was longstanding occupant of which English playwright's front drive? Alan Bennett
  67. What is the year 2015 in Roman numerals? MMXV
  68. 'Egoportrait' (a Quebecois word) was added to the 2015 French dictionary, meaning what more popular new English word? Selfie
  69. Who won the men's World Ice Hockey Championship in 2015: Russia; Canada; Japan; or Nigeria? Canada
  70. What character was revealed in 2015 to have been based on a real female creature: Winnie the Pooh; Kermit the Frog; Bart Simpson; or Superman? Winnie the Pooh (inspired by and based on a female Canadian black bear called Winnie at London Zoo, named after Winnipeg in Canada, brought there by Canadian vet Harry Colebourn in 1914, and loved by the visiting Christopher Robin Milne [son of author AA Milne] who named his own teddy bear after Winnie)
  71. The space transport company launched in 2015 by Jeff Bezos is called: Amazon; Ebay; Blue Origin; or White Light? Blue Origin
  72. The shortest ever entry in the history of what competition came from Finland in 2015: Crufts; Eurovision Song Contest; Chelsea Flower Show; or Miss World? Eurovision Song Contest
  73. Published in 2015, Go Set a Watchman, written before her only prior and enduringly popular book of 1960, was written by whom? Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird)
  74. In 2015 Edgar Lungu became prime minister of: Norway; Zambia; Canada; or Japan? Zambia
  75. Whose 2015 album is 'Purpose'? Justin Bieber
  76. The 2015 Tour de France began in: The Netherlands; France; Ireland; or Iceland? The Netherlands
  77. Which company suffered a major scandal in 2015 for widescale unethical 'inertia' charging for its 'Prime' service? Amazon
  78. Peter Robinson announced in 2015 he would step down as First Minister of: Wales; Canada; Northern Ireland; or New Zealand? Northern Ireland
  79. in 2015 Many Clouds was: Grand National winner; U2's album; KR Rowling's book; or Banksy's artwork on Buckingham Palace wall? Grand National winner
  80. Who defeated whom to win the 2015 Superbowl (two answers required, winner then runner-up): Pittsburgh Steelers; Seatttle Seahawks; New England Patriots; or Dallas Cowboys? New England Patriots beat Seatttle Seahawks (half a point for incorrect order, a quarter of a point for only one correct team)
  81. Whose controversial US presidential campaigning greatly increased his popularity within his party in 2015, yet increased party fears that it would unelectable should he lead it? Donald Trump (in the US Republican presidential candidacy contest)
  82. Name the head of FIFA subject to criminal process in 2015? Sepp Blatter
  83. A 2015 study found that what percentage of former American Football players had degenerative brain damage: 5; 15; 51; or 96? 96% (including playing only at high school or college)
  84. In 2015 Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm in what brutal sporting discipline? UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship - or Cage Fighting would be another loosely acceptable answer)
  85. What dating app caused problems for itself in 2015 when increasing its charges: Finder; Winder; Tinder; Minder; or Hinder? Tinder
  86. In 2015 the first ever colour/color photographs were obtained of which celestial body: Saturn; Neptune; Pluto; or Uranus? Pluto
  87. What country in May 2015 became the first to legalize gay marriage by national referendum: England; Japan; Ireland; or Russia? Ireland
  88. Which country won the 2015 Davis Cup (world team tennis)? Great Britain
  89. Brazil began to nationalise its (What?) in 2015: Football clubs; Dance-clubs; Beaches; or Rainforest? Rainforest
  90. Oxford University Press/Dictionaries announced what (most popularly used emoji icon) 'word of the year 2015': Love Heart; Face with Tears of Joy; Zzz Sleeping symbol; or Pile of Poo? Face with Tears of Joy
  91. The movie Toy Story was how many years old in 2015: 15; 20; 25; or 30? 20
  92. What was pulled over in the USA for going too slow on the highway? A hearse; A mayoral procession; An elephant; or Google self-drive car? Google self-drive car
  93. Whose family received $7.4m royalties from Pharrell Williams/Robin Thicke after a legal claim in 2015 for illicit use of the song Got to Give it Up? Marvin Gaye
  94. Mauricio Marci was elected president of which South American nation in 2015? Argentina
  95. Lord Coe ceased working for which brand in 2015 due to conflict of interest? Nike
  96. Helmut Schmidt, who died in 2015, once led which nation: West Germany; Russia; Canada; or Australia? West Germany
  97. The Schengen Area, in the news 2015, refers to relaxation of what European controls: Wine production; Passports/borders; Athletics doping; or Nuclear power? Passports/borders
  98. Frank Sinatra would have celebrated which birthday in 2015: 60; 80; 100; or 150? 100
  99. Facebook's news service launched in 2015 was called: Magnify; Notify; Glorify; or Terrify? Notify
  100. On what sprung mechanism did Bristolian Jack Sexty break the world record in 2015 achieving 88,047 bounces in 10hrs 21mins? Pogo stick


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