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quizballs 388 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What affectionate word is a Blackadder TV character and famous English sea rescue heroine? Darling (Grace Darling rowed with her lighthouse-keeper father through a storm in Sept 1838 to save survivors of the wrecked ship Forfarshire - she became national heroine, inspiring tributes in the arts and significant charitable legacy)
  2. What discipline contains 'asanas' including names such as Half boat, Full boat, Tree, and Happy Baby? Yoga (asana is Sanskrit for 'sitting down' and also refers to the place that one does this, as well as the pose itself)
  3. Genever is the old word for what alcoholic drink? Gin (from Old French reference genevre, to juniperus, the juniper tree, whose berries are used in production)
  4. The cube root of 343 is: 7; 9; 13; or 26? 7 (7 x 7 x 7 = 343)
  5. The Latin words bellum and bellus are similar because Ancient Romans saw (Which two concepts?) as highly noble: Love and Loss; War and Beauty; Nature and Science; or Incest and Marriage? War and Beauty (respectively bellum and bellas - hence belligerence and bellicose, and belladonna and belle of the ball, etc)
  6. The Almeria region, driest in Europe, used for filming many famous Cowboy/Western films, is in: Turkey; Spain; Cyprus; or Germany? Spain
  7. French lawyer Jules Rimet (1873-1956) became the longest serving president (1921-54) of: Ford Motor Company; FIFA; NASA; or France? FIFA
  8. The Forth Road Bridge connects which major city to the 'Kingdom of Fife'? Edinburgh (Fife is an Scottish ancient Scottish county once titled and still called the 'Kingdom of Fife')
  9. Kuala Lumpar Airport is which nation's main air terminal? Malaysia
  10. In 2015 Kuala Lumpar Airport advertised unclaimed property (requiring collection in 14 days to avoid disposal) of three: Elephants; Van Gogh paintings; Human fingers; or Jumbo Jets? Jumbo Jets
  11. Which one of these is not a member of the same Mustelidae mammal family as the others: Marten; Wolverine; Otter; Mink; Badger; or Fox? Fox (from mammal family Canidae)
  12. A circle of 12.6 metres circumference has an area roughly how many square metres: 1.5; 2.8; 5.7 or 12.6? 12.6 (fascinatingly above this circumference figure - or 12.57m to be more accurate - areas become progressively bigger in square metres than the circumference figure in metres, and below this the opposite effect happens, such that a circumference of 1m produces an area of just 0.08sqm, and a circumference of 50m produces an area of nearly 200sqm - amazingly a circumference of 500metres produces an area of nearly 20,000sqm)
  13. The American term 'sharecropper' refers to a: Stock market trader; Tenant farmer; Tax inspector; or Ice-hockey player? Tenant farmer (the term was popularized in mid/late 1800s USA)
  14. Ares, equating to the Roman god Mars, is the Greek god of: Love; Music and dance; War; or Chocolate? War
  15. Lisa Gherardini (aka Lisa del Giocondo) is better known as the: Snow Queen; Barber of Seville; Cadbury's Flake model; or Mona Lisa? Mona Lisa (recent research asserts that her portrait was painted over/altered, nevertheless Lisa Gherardini is considered the original subject for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting)
  16. Annual global production (early 2000s) of rough diamonds is about: 9 kilos; 75 kilos; 500 kilos; or 26 tonnes/metric tons? 26 tonnes/metric tons
  17. Which controversial mogul/celebrity/politician demanded a ban on all Muslims entering the USA in 2015? Donald Trump
  18. English playwright Chrisopher Marlowe coined the phrase 'The face that launched a thousand ships' in his tragedy Doctor Faustus when referring to which mythical Greek figure? Helen of Troy (or Helen of Sparta)
  19. A disabling attack on a website known as a DDoS stands for a 'Distributed (What of What?)'? Denial of Service (in which a website's systems for responding to users is overloaded by malicious bombardment from multiple computers)
  20. What legendary ruler visited King Solomon in the Bible, and became a metaphoric/ironic term for a female with delusions of grandeur? The Queen of Sheba


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